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Map /15

ÂPrimordial Pool Map 6Nightmare's Omen
ÙHall of Grandmasters
;Promenade Map 6Blackguard Avenger
Blackguard Tempest
_Waste Pool Map 6Portentia, the Foul
ÉMud Geyser Map 6Tunneltrap
²The Vinktar Square Avatar of Thunder
4Courtyard Map 6Oriath's Virtue
Oriath's Vengeance
Oriath's Vigil
]Overgrown Ruin Map 6Visceris
ÚCells Map 6Shavronne the Sickening
ÇMaelström of Chaos Merveil, the Reflection
Merveil, the Returned
ÍAtoll Map 6Puruna, the Challenger
RAncient City Map 6Legius Garhall
Doryani's Machinarium The Apex Assembly
lMaze Map 6Shadow of the Vaal
oPhantasmagoria Map 6Erythrophagia