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Map /12

«Racecourse Map 7Shredder of Gladiators
Crusher of Gladiators
Bringer of Blood
ÔActon's Nightmare Rose
¾Overgrown Shrine Map 7Maligaro the Mutilator
ÃSpider Forest Map 7Enticer of Rot
tArena Map 7Avatar of the Huntress
Avatar of the Skies
Avatar of the Forge
)Vault Map 7Guardian of the Vault
ÌWaterways Map 7Fragment of Winter
ÄLaboratory Map 7Riftwalker
TResidence Map 7Excellis Aurafix
6Conservatory Map 7The Forgotten Soldier
3Dungeon Map 7Penitentiary Incarcerator
NGraveyard Map 7Thunderskull
Steelpoint the Avenger
Champion of Frost