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Infested Valley

Monster Level75
The PantheonSoul of Ryslatha
Captured Soul of Gorulis, Will-Thief
BossGorulis, Will-Thief
Tagsforest, map, cannot_be_twinned, einharmaps, rain_area
Atlas LinkedChateau Map[T10], Wharf Map[T10], Carcass Map[T12], Malformation Map[T12]
Upgraded FromChateau Map[T10], Wharf Map[T10]
Divination CardCall to the First Ones
Struck by Lightning
The Coming Storm
AtlasBaseCrystal Belt
SextantBasilica Map[T11]
Belfry Map[T14]
Shipyard Map[T13]
Waste Pool Map[T15]
Chateau Map[T10]

Gilded Cage's Comprehensive Guide to Maps

Clearing Ability9
Mob Count5
Boss Difficulty8
Boss Based OnRyslatha, the Puppet Mistress
Boss notesStart off by killing the three nests, then the boss will spawn on the central platform. Ryslatha fires projectiles that deal significant Chaos damage and leave green pools that do DoT. The boss' hits also Poison, so bring a Poison removal flask. This fight can be very difficult for characters with low regeneration/sustain.
Few Obstacleso
Boss not in own roomx
Additional NotesPantheon- Soul of Ryslatha
Sextant CoverageYYY
LevelNameExperienceDamageAttacks per SecondLifeResists FireResists ColdResists LightningResists Chaos
75Gorulis, Will-Thief6812091879.91.5103693330303015