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Lair of the Hydra

Monster Level83
BossGuardian of the Hydra
Tagsurban, map, no_echo, cannot_be_twinned, indoors_area, einharmaps, sewer_area
Atlas LinkedPalace Map[T15], Desert Spring Map[T15]
Upgraded FromPalace Map[T15], Desert Spring Map[T15]
Divination CardPerfection Boss
The Celestial Stone
The Feast
The Throne
AtlasBaseMarble Amulet, Bone Helmet, Spiked Gloves, Gripped Gloves
SextantPalace Map[T15]
Desert Spring Map[T15]
Basilica Map[T14]
Reef Map[T13]

Gilded Cage's Comprehensive Guide to Maps

Clearing Ability7
Mob Count3
Boss Difficulty10
Boss Based Onn/a
Boss notesCannot be slowed. Half Physical, half Cold ranged attacks. Powerful telegraphed Barrage. Blast Rain directly in front of boss. Temporarily disappears summoning minions that leave Vortex ground on death. When the boss reappears, she does an extremely powerful Fork shot. Always try to position your character behind the boss (stay in close range to do this easily). Throughout the fight a constant stream of slow Frostbolts projectiles travel across the arena. More projectiles as the boss gets closer to death.
Few Obstacleso
Boss not in own roomx
Sextant CoverageRRRRRR
LevelNameExperienceDamageAttacks per SecondLifeResists FireResists ColdResists LightningResists Chaos
83Guardian of the Hydra13462274913.81.61953541840404025