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Olmec's Sanctum

Monster Level74
BossOlmec, the All Stone
Tagsdungeon, temple, indoors_area, unique_map, map, limited_tempests
ModsArea has increased monster variety
Atlas LinkedBone Crypt Map[T8]
Divination CardGrave Knowledge
AtlasBaseBone Helmet
SextantActon's Nightmare
The Twilight Temple
Moon Temple Map[T9]
Bone Crypt Map[T8]

Gilded Cage's Comprehensive Guide to Maps

Clearing Ability6
Boss Difficulty5
Boss Based OnTotem
Boss notesSimilar to the Hallowed ground map except with mobs. You start in a large central room with four passages leading to boss rooms. Each passage contains mobs that deal a particular type of damage (Fire, Cold, Lightning and Chaos). The boss at the end of each passage is a unique totem that deals that type of damage. In particular, watch out for Izioc, the Abyss who can pump out serious Chaos damage with Ethereal Knives and Caustic Arrow if your Chaos resistance is low. Also, watch out for Achioc, the Glacier who can freeze your character easily with his Arctic Breath.
After killing all four sub-bosses you will face Olmec in the middle of the central room. Olmec uses a variety of abilities of different types – none of which are too threatening. The dangerous part of the fight is that Olmec resummons copies of the four unique totems you just killed. Together they can provide a headache. Note that even after killing these totems Olmec will resummon them after a time. Therefore, it is best to focus on killing Olmec. The room is large so you can head to the corners to avoid engaging all the bosses at once.
TilesetVaal Pyramid
Few Obstaclesx
Boss not in own roomo
LevelNameExperienceDamageAttacks per SecondLifeResists FireResists ColdResists LightningResists Chaos
74Olmec, the All Stone125908618801.538335850000
74Alira's Deadeye16288639.5294460000
74Alira's Blood Guard13573721.21.3598400000
74Bearded Devil13573777.31.46984040000
74Goatman Shaman13573801.41.5984075000
74Bearded Shaman13573801.41.5984000750
74Vaal Construct19002895.32688800040
74Flame Hellion13573801.41.5984040000
74Axiom Frostguard16288514.51.61826504000
74Brittle Arsonist16288514.51.61826540000
74Axiom Thunderguard16288514.51.61826500400
74Thunder Champion16288514.51.61826500400
74Sparking Mage16288514.51.61826500400
74Frost Guardian162881234.71.611062704000
74Flame Guardian162881234.71.611062740000
74Flame Champion162881234.71.611062740000
74Bone Warden162881234.71.611062700400
74Bramble Cobra16966881.51.657872300030
74Seething Brine16288817.41.51003640000
74Shocked Miscreation13573801.41.5984000400
74Chimeric Croaker13573536.91.019840030300
74Galvanic Ribbon16288961.61.51771108500
74Cinder Elemental203601358.31.72656740000
74Death Bishop20360721.21.52361500750
74Undying Incinerator13573801.41.5984075000
74Undying Alchemist13573801.41.5984075000
74Toxic Crawler13573480.81.5688800400
74Incinerated Mage16288514.51.61826540000
74Enlightened Vicar16288514.51.61826504000
74Bleak Aspirant162881234.71.611062704000
74Brittle Archer16288767.42141690000
74Undying Archivist13573665.11.2598402020200