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Pit of the Chimera

Monster Level83
BossGuardian of the Chimera
Tagsurban, map, no_echo, cannot_be_twinned, einharmaps, daresso_area, pitfight_area
Atlas LinkedAcid Caverns Map[T15]
Upgraded FromAcid Caverns Map[T15]
Divination CardPerfection Boss
The Dragon's Heart
Boon of the First Ones
AtlasBaseOpal Ring, Vanguard Belt, Gripped Gloves, Fingerless Silk Gloves
SextantCarcass Map[T12]
Plaza Map[T13]
Crystal Ore Map[T14]
Acid Caverns Map[T15]

Gilded Cage's Comprehensive Guide to Maps

Clearing Ability7
Mob Count6
Boss Difficulty10
Boss Based Onn/a
Boss notesCannot be slowed. Modest physical attacks including Flicker Strike and a Flicker Lance that inflicts Bleeding. When he places a red circle beneath him get out - he will perform a flurry of attacks against targets in the area. Throughout the fight are three minion phases where you face waves of powerful adds ending with a mini-boss. Most dangerous ability is the Chimera Smoke Phase - used after any of the add phases. The Chimera disappears into one of many smoke clouds - to uncover the Chimera you must run through the clouds until you find him. While in the Smoke Phase Chimera will constantly deal hard to avoid melee Physical damage attacks. Save flasks for this phase, it especially helps to pop a Basalt/Granite flask. Sometimes you will be unlucky and the Chimera will be hiding in the last smoke cloud :(
TilesetDaresso's Dream
Few Obstaclesx
Boss not in own roomx
Notable DropsThe Scourge (from boss), Opal Ring
Additional NotesLong boss fight
Sextant CoverageRRRRRR
LevelNameExperienceDamageAttacks per SecondLifeResists FireResists ColdResists LightningResists Chaos
83Guardian of the Chimera13462273076.81.01953541840404025