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Poorjoy's Asylum

Monster Level76
BossMistress Hyseria
Tagstemple, urban, indoors_area, unique_map, map, limited_tempests, area_with_water
Atlas LinkedTemple Map[T10]
Divination CardChaotic Disposition
AtlasBaseSpiked Gloves
SextantFactory Map[T8]
Infested Valley Map[T11]
Temple Map[T10]
Graveyard Map[T7]
Academy Map[T10]

Gilded Cage's Comprehensive Guide to Maps

Clearing Ability5
Boss Difficulty9
Boss Based OnTentacle Miscreation
Boss notesHahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Ahh, this map is pure chaos. 140-160% increased damage as well as the Fleet affix is not to be underestimated. The map is a large square based on the Lunaris Temple level 2. The mobs here are various Miscreations as well as Mortality Experimenters. For many characters this map is a case of get hit, you’re dead. Mobs move fast and hide around corners. Even experienced players may have a hard time navigating this map deathless.
Whipping Miscreations are quick, accurate and hit for a massive amount. They also inflict Vunerability so a second hit will likely spell death. Tentacle Miscreations destroy non-evasion based characters but are easily dodged. Avoid standing on corpses as Mortality Expermienters use Detonate Dead – the increased life affix stacks with the increased damage affix on the map. My best advice is don’t rush through this map.
In the top-left corner lies the boss, a unique Tentacle miscreation, that when compared to the rest of the mobs here doesn’t feel too threatening. She drops 10-15 rare items of a specific class. Although the real reward from this map is the amount of experience you can gain, as long as you don’t die…
TilesetLunaris Temple
Few Obstaclesx
Boss not in own roomo
Notable DropsChaotic Disposition
LevelNameExperienceDamageAttacks per SecondLifeResists FireResists ColdResists LightningResists Chaos
76Mistress Hyseria5827462572.537452780000
76Mortality Experimenter17718718.821133000075
76Flesh Sculptor17718718.821133000075
76Piety's Miscreation14765900.71.5118020000
76Drenched Miscreation14765900.71.51180204000
76Burned Miscreation14765900.71.51180240000
76Shocked Miscreation14765900.71.51180200400
76Whipping Miscreation1624112922.451168400750
76Tentacle Miscreation177181513.23113300000