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The Coward's Trial

Monster Level77
BossInfector of Dreams
Tagsdungeon, indoors_area, unique_map, map, limited_tempests, no_monster_packs, no_strongboxes, cowards_trial, anarchy_leaguestone, torment_leaguestone, warbands_leaguestone, ambush_leaguestone, domination_leaguestone, talisman_leaguestone, perandus_leaguestone, prophecy_leaguestone, essence_leaguestone, breach_leaguestone, crypt_area
Modsmap_no_exiles [1]
Atlas LinkedCursed Crypt Map[T4]
Divination CardThe Summoner
The Wretched
AtlasBaseFingerless Silk Gloves
SextantPrimordial Pool Map[T6]
Cursed Crypt Map[T4]
Arcade Map[T5]
Alleyways Map[T2]

Gilded Cage's Comprehensive Guide to Maps

Clearing Ability6
Boss Difficulty4
Boss Based OnNecromancer
Boss notesA great map for levelling due to the number of enemies. The map is split into 4 rooms. In each room you will face up to 6 waves of undead monsters – this includes magic and rare monsters. On the final wave a rare necromancer will spawn which will quickly raise all those undead you just laid to rest. Repeat this task for four rooms. On the forth room during the last wave a unique necromancer called the Infector of Dreams will appear. This boss resurrects undead at an insane rate. You may suddenly find the whole room has just been revived. Fight through the horde of undead and kill the necromancer who will drop a guaranteed unique item.
Few Obstacleso
Boss not in own roomo
LevelNameExperienceDamageAttacks per SecondLifeResists FireResists ColdResists LightningResists Chaos
77Infector of Dreams155658316071.5784879530303015
77Bone Scavenger16898976.81.41278104000
77Ancient Archer1843476221239400400
77Burning Bowman1843476221239400400
77Vault Hunter1843476221239400400
77Brittle Archer1843476221239400400
77Brittle Poacher1843476221239400400
77Plagued Bowman1843476221239400400
77Brittle Bleeder1843476221239400400
77Axiom Frostguard184346131.611084404000
77Frost Harbinger184346131.611084404000
77Brittle Arsonist184346131.611084440000
77Flame Harbinger184346131.611084440000
77Axiom Thunderguard184346131.611084400400
77Thunder Champion184346131.611084400400
77Sparking Mage184346131.611084400400
77Frost Guardian184341471.21.611394304000
77Frost Champion184341471.21.611394304000
77Flame Guardian184341471.21.611394340000
77Flame Champion184341471.21.611394340000
77Bone Warden184341471.21.611394300400
77Thunder Guardian184341471.21.611394300400
77Fetid Shambler1382613752.41394304000
77Enlightened Vicar184346131.611084404000