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The Twilight Temple

Monster Level76
BossHelial, the Day Unending
Selenia, the Endless Night
Tagstemple, map, area_with_water, unique_map, solaris_area, lunaris_area, wealthy_area
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Olmec's Sanctum

Gilded Cage's Comprehensive Guide to Maps

Clearing Ability6
Boss Difficulty7
Boss Based OnSolaris and Lunaris
Boss notesLarge Temple, half owned by Solaris Fanatics (Fire damage) and half by Lunaris Fanatics (Cold damage). On each side are three floor buttons that when pressed summon Solaris/Lunaris mobs and the Sun/Moon Orb from Act 8. These orbs can use some of Solaris and Lunaris' more powerful abilities like the cascade of falling rocks. You will also see the unique mini-bosses from Act 8: Nightbringer Lucius, Regulus, Dawn and Dusk. At the end of the map you can choose to face either Lunaris or Solaris as the final boss. They both deal high amounts of hard to avoid damage but have little health.
TilesetSolaris Temple
Few Obstaclesx
Boss not in own roomx
Notable DropsInvictus Solaris (always from Solaris), Vix Lunaris (always from Lunaris)
LevelNameExperienceDamageAttacks per SecondLifeResists FireResists ColdResists LightningResists Chaos
76Selenia, the Endless Night9712442866.51.76543432030303015
76Helial, the Day Unending9712443062.41.5543432030303015
76Solarsworn Infernomage14765470.21.311062275000
76Lunarsworn Wintermage14765470.21.311062207500
76Solarsworn Archmage26577564.21.311911975000
76Lunarsworn Archmage26577564.21.311911907500
76Solaris Elite17718672.81.25141622020200
76Lunaris Elite17718672.81.25141622020200
76Solaris Champion22147837.31.25177032020200
76Lunaris Champion22147837.31.25177032020200
76Lunar Scout14765587.71.31141622020200
76Solar Scout14765587.71.31141622020200
76Lunar Miscreation14765675.51.51180204000
76Moontouched Miscreation17718810.61.51416207500
76Night Horror162419692.451168400750
76Dusk Horror162419692.451168400750
76Lunaris Concubine177181513.231133004000
76Flame Sentinel177181080.91.52124307500
76Infernal Sentinel265771621.31.53186575000
76Assault Ribbon103351052.92.51743504000
76Rime Sentinel177181080.91.52124308500
76Frost Sentinel177181080.91.52124307500
76Auric Lion221471351.11.5221870000
76Molten Lion221471008.81.52218740000
76Lunaris Zealot177181437.5214162030030
76Moontouched Zealot221471437.5217703030030
76Lunar Devotee265771449.5221243030030
76Solar Elemental17718846.71.51557875000
76Solar Elemental22147837.71.51947375000
76Solar Guard265771008.81.52336875000