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Whakawairua Tuahu

Monster Level71
BossTormented Temptress
Tagsbeach, unique_map, map, limited_tempests, area_with_water, domination_leaguestone, coast_boat_area
Modsmap_cagan_has_hidden_mods [1]
Atlas LinkedStrand Map[T4]
Divination CardThe Darkest Dream
The Doppelganger
The Landing
AtlasBaseTwo-Toned Boots
SextantIvory Temple Map[T1]
Strand Map[T4]
Arid Lake Map[T3]
Lookout Map[T2]

Gilded Cage's Comprehensive Guide to Maps

Clearing Ability4
Boss Difficulty7
Boss Based OnSea Witch
Boss notesNotorious for a few reasons, not least for the difficult to pronounce name. As a Kiwi the map is pronounced “Fuck-a-why-rue-a Two-a-who” and roughly translates as sacred place where two waters run together in Maori.
You arrive on a misty island similar to the Ship Graveyard and start with reduced light radius. Killing monsters increases your light radius and also your IIR and IIQ. Not killing monsters causes you light radius to fall. Once you have cleared the island make your way to the cave at the top of the island.
Inside the cave activate the Vaal seal. A Shade of an Exile will spawn depending on your class. This exile can be fast and dangerous so take caution in avoiding their attacks. After you have killed the exile you face the true boss of this map, some people say this is the *HARDEST* boss in the game. Okay that is probably a lie but it is definitely the most annoying. I don’t really want to ruin the surprise so play and find out. A Flicker Strike or Scorching Ray character will have zero problem – for other builds this could be an interesting fight…
TilesetTwilight Strand
Few Obstaclesx
Boss not in own roomx
LevelNameExperienceDamageAttacks per SecondLifeResists FireResists ColdResists LightningResists Chaos
71Tormented Temptress9930478207.31.583160730303015
71Skeletal Beast201021219.71.61177200000
71Zombie Rhoa1655510041.4833904000
71Merveil's Attendant14190683.91.5759407500
71Merveil's Chosen14190683.91.5759407500
71Cursed Spawn6504368.81.5409504000
71Seething Brine14190683.91.5759440000
71Whipping Miscreation13007961.82.45737100750
71Tentacle Miscreation141901126.5371480000