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Elemental Warding
Cooldown Time: 10 sec
Fires projectiles in a nova, converting all their physical damage to a random element, and grants a buff which makes you immune to curses for a duration.
Supported Skills fire (16–1999) additional Projectiles
Deals (16–2743) to (100–4115) Fire Damage
Deals (100–2244) to (3000–3366) Cold Damage
Deals (1–3086) to (1–4629) Lightning Damage
Projectiles Pierce all Targets

Elemental Warding /1

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Geofri's Devotion Brass Maul
Requires Level: 61
30% increased Stun Duration on Enemies
Trigger Level 20 Elemental Warding when you Hit an Enemy while Cursed
200% increased Physical Damage
Adds (50–56) to (73–78) Physical Damage
Adds 11 to 23 Cold Damage
(10–20)% increased Stun Duration on Enemies
Never deal Critical Strikes

「Fated」Limited Drop
Geofri's Baptism Use Black Devotion Upgrade
BaseTypeElemental Warding
Projectiles Pierce all Targets
Level Effect
LevelRequires LevelSupported Skills fire 16 additional ProjectilesDeals 2743 to 4115 Fire DamageDeals 2244 to 3366 Cold DamageDeals 3086 to 4629 Lightning DamageExperience
168162743, 41152244, 33663086, 4629