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Cooldown Time: 1.2 sec
Casts an aura that adds chaos damage to the attacks and spells of you and your allies.
Adds 58 to 81 Chaos Damage to Attacks
Adds 52 to 69 Chaos Damage to Spells

Envy /1

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United in Dream Cutlass
Requires Level: 38
40% increased Global Accuracy Rating
Grants Level 15 Envy Skill
Minions deal (30–40)% increased Damage
Minions have +29% to Chaos Resistance
Minions have 60% chance to Poison Enemies on Hit
(Poison deals Chaos Damage over time, based on the base Physical and Chaos Damage of the Skill. Multiple instances of Poison stack)
Minions Leech 5% of Damage as Life against Poisoned Enemies
(Leeched Life is recovered over time. Multiple Leeches can occur simultaneously, up to a maximum rate)

「Breach」League Specific
Severed in Sleep Use Blessing of Chayula Upgrade
Level Effect
LevelRequires LevelMana ReservedAdds 58 to 81 Chaos Damage to AttacksSupported Skills have X% increased Area of EffectAdds 52 to 69 Chaos Damage to SpellsExperience
156050%58, 8152, 69