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Aetheric Fossil
Stackable Currency
Stack Size: 20
More Caster modifiers Fewer Attack modifiers
Place in a Resonator to influence item crafting.
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BaseTypeAetheric Fossil
ClassStackable Currency

Aetheric Fossil

LevelPre/SufDescriptionSpawn Weight
1PrefixSocketed Skills deal 40% more Spell Damage Claws Daggers Wands One Hand Swords Thrusting One Hand Swords One Hand Axes One Hand Maces Sceptres Rune Dagger
1PrefixSocketed Skills deal 20% more Spell Damage Bows Staves Two Hand Swords Two Hand Axes Two Hand Maces Warstaff
1SuffixSocketed Gems are Supported by Level 1 Arcane Surge Body Armours
1SuffixSocketed Skills have 18% increased Cast Speed Gloves
1SuffixSocketed Spells have 20% reduced Mana Cost Boots Helmets Shields
1Suffix(15–20)% chance to Avoid interruption from Stuns while Casting Jewel Abyss Jewel