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Bone Helmet
Armour: 197
Energy Shield: 38
Requires Level 73, Str 76, Int 76
Minions deal (15–20)% increased Damage
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BaseTypeBone Helmet
AtlasBaseLair of the Hydra Map[T16], Maze of the Minotaur Map[T16], The Shaper's Realm[T17], Lava Lake Map[T12], Palace Map[T15], Dark Forest Map[T14], Dig Map[T11], Death and Taxes, Necropolis Map[T8], Reef Map[T13], Villa Map[T9], Acton's Nightmare, Overgrown Shrine Map[T7], Factory Map[T8], Coves Map[T13], Lair Map[T11], Precinct Map[T11], Wasteland Map[T14], Shipyard Map[T12], The Twilight Temple, Moon Temple Map[T9], Bazaar Map[T10], Olmec's Sanctum, Bone Crypt Map[T8], Volcano Map[T10], Academy Map[T10]
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