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Fingerless Silk Gloves
Energy Shield: 43
Requires Level 70, Int 95
(12–16)% increased Spell Damage
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BaseTypeFingerless Silk Gloves
AtlasBasePit of the Chimera Map[T16], The Shaper's Realm[T17], Plaza Map[T13], Crystal Ore Map[T14], Castle Ruins Map[T9], Primordial Pool Map[T6], The Coward's Trial, Cursed Crypt Map[T4], Pier Map[T3], The Putrid Cloister, Museum Map[T11], Residence Map[T7], Thicket Map[T2], Toxic Sewer Map[T8], Haunted Mansion Map[T1], Relic Chambers Map[T3], Arcade Map[T5], Alleyways Map[T2]
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