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Vanguard Belt
Requires Level 73
+(260–320) to Armour and Evasion Rating
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BaseTypeVanguard Belt
AtlasBaseMao Kun, Pit of the Chimera Map[T16], The Shaper's Realm[T17], Carcass Map[T12], Core Map[T12], Shrine Map[T13], Colonnade Map[T11], Shore Map[T9], Overgrown Ruin Map[T6], Coral Ruins Map[T10], Perandus Manor[T8], Chateau Map[T8]
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Unique /1

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Perseverance Vanguard Belt
Requires Level: 73
(4–8)% increased maximum Life
+(20–40)% to Cold Resistance
1% increased Attack Damage per 300 of the lowest of Armour and Evasion Rating
(14–20)% chance to gain Fortify when you Stun an Enemy with Melee Damage
(Fortify grants 20% reduced Damage Taken from Hits)
You have Onslaught while you have Fortify
(Onslaught grants 20% increased Attack, Cast, and Movement Speed)