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戰亂聯盟標準 即時價格


Mirror of Kalandra30.8 x
Exalted Orb250 x
Divine Orb15 x
Blessed Orb2 x
Orb of Regret1 x
Vaal Orb1 x
Gemcutter's Prism1 x
Orb of Fusing0.67 x
Regal Orb0.5 x
Cartographer's Chisel0.4 x
Orb of Scouring0.33 x
Orb of Alchemy0.33 x
Orb of Chance0.17 x
Jeweller's Orb0.14 x
Chromatic Orb0.1 x
Orb of Alteration0.07 x
Orb of Augmentation0.05 x
Perandus Coin0.05 x