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แผนที่ /11

ÅThe Coward's Trial(The Coward's Trial) Infector of Dreams
}Cursed Crypt Map(Cursed Crypt Map) 4Pagan Bishop of Agony
!Arachnid Tomb Map(Arachnid Tomb Map) 4Hybrid Widow
nBarrows Map(Barrows Map) 4Beast of the Pits
ZChannel Map(Channel Map) 4The Winged Death
ÑFields Map(Fields Map) 4Drek, Apex Hunter
DCrater Map(Crater Map) 4Megaera
EBurial Chambers Map(Burial Chambers Map) 4Witch of the Cauldron
GLeyline Map(Leyline Map) 4Mirage of Bones
?Flooded Mine Map(Flooded Mine Map) 4The Eroding One
cArid Lake Map(Arid Lake Map) 4Drought-Maddened Rhoa