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Map /13

Imprintชื่อTierUpgrade MapBossTags
œGhetto Map(Ghetto Map) 7Dig MapLady Stormflay
ÂPrimordial Pool Map(Primordial Pool Map) 7Summit MapNightmare's Omen
"Geode Map(Geode Map) 7Sepulchre MapAvatar of Undoing
YBazaar Map(Bazaar Map) 7Laboratory MapAncient Sculptor
æCaer Blaidd, Wolfpack's Den(Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack's Den) Winterfang
Storm Eye
Solus, Pack Alpha
9Underground River Map(Underground River Map) 7Geode MapIt That Fell
Pillars of Arun(Pillars of Arun) Talin, Faithbreaker
ADunes Map(Dunes Map) 7Shore MapThe Blacksmith
QLava Chamber Map(Lava Chamber Map) 7Overgrown Ruin MapFire and Fury
ÚCells Map(Cells Map) 7Grotto MapShavronne the Sickening
ÏToxic Sewer Map(Toxic Sewer Map) 7Cemetery MapArachnoxia
6Conservatory Map(Conservatory Map) 7Academy MapThe Forgotten Soldier
+Arcade Map(Arcade Map) 7Courthouse MapHerald of Ashes
Herald of Thunder