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Corrupted Area /55

ชื่อBossAreaEntrance Type
Strange SinkholeMother of the Hive
The Coast[L2]
The Tidal Island[L3]
The Mud Flats[L4]
The Fetid Pool[L5]
The Flooded Depths[L6]
The Ship Graveyard Cave[L12]
The Cavern of Wrath[L12]
The Cavern of Anger[L13]
The Twilight Strand[L45]
The Coast[L45]
The Tidal Island[L45]
The Karui Fortress[L46]
The Cavern of Anger[L49]
Concealed CavityThe All-seeing Eye
The Coast[L2]
The Tidal Island[L3]
The Submerged Passage[L5]
The Coast[L45]
The Tidal Island[L45]
Sunken ShinglePerquil the Lucky
The Mud Flats[L4]
The Ship Graveyard[L11]
The Mud Flats[L46]
The Beacon[L49]
The Brine King's Reef[L50]
[ WIP ][L11]
Clouded RidgeKonu, Maker of Wind
The Ledge[L6]
[ WIP ][L6]
Forgotten OublietteConiraya, Shadow of Malice
The Lower Prison[L8]
The Upper Prison[L9]
The Lower Prison[L47]
Shavronne's Tower[L47]
Remote GulchSheaq, Maker of Floods
The Coast[L2]
The Climb[L7]
Prisoner's Gate[L10]
The Ship Graveyard[L11]
The Coast[L45]
Prisoner's Gate[L47]
The Beacon[L49]
[ WIP ][L11]
Narrow RavineKamaq, Soilmaker
The Western Forest[L17]
The Wetlands[L19]
The Western Forest[L48]
The Wetlands[L48]
Mystical ClearingSimi, the Nature Touched
The Riverways[L15]
Covered-up HollowCintiq, the Inescapable
The Den[L15]
The Fellshrine Ruins[L16]
The Fellshrine Ruins[L51]
The Den[L53]
The Sarn Ramparts[L55]
Hidden PatchThornrunner
The Old Fields[L14]
The Crossroads[L15]
The Broken Bridge[L16]
The Broken Bridge[L50]
The Crossroads[L51]
The Ashen Fields[L53]
The Imperial Fields[L58]
Entombed AlcoveShrapnelbearer
The Crypt Level 1[L17]
The Crypt Level 2[L18]
Secret LaboratoryAtziri's Pride
The Chamber of Sins Level 1[L15]
The Chamber of Sins Level 2[L16]
The Chamber of Sins Level 1[L52]
The Chamber of Sins Level 2[L52]
Maligaro's Sanctum[L52]
Secluded CopseKutec, Vaal Fleshsmith
The Southern Forest[L13]
The Northern Forest[L21]
The Weaver's Chambers[L18]
The Dread Thicket[L21]
The Riverways[L48]
The Southern Forest[L49]
The Beacon[L49]
The Northern Forest[L53]
The Dread Thicket[L53]
Forbidden ChamberHaviri, Vaal Metalsmith
The Vaal Ruins[L20]
The Caverns[L22]
The Ancient Pyramid[L23]
The Vaal City[L54]
Quarantined QuartersThe Sunburst Queen
The Slums[L24]
Disused FurnaceCurator Miem
The Crematorium[L25]
Blind AlleyM'gaska, the Living Pyre
The Quay[L57]
The Grain Gate[L57]
Entombed ChamberOssecati, Boneshaper
The Catacombs[L27]
Sacred ChambersShadow of Vengeance
The Solaris Temple Level 1[L27]
The Solaris Temple Level 2[L28]
The Solaris Temple Level 1[L59]
The Solaris Temple Level 2[L59]
Stagnant CanalWiraqucha, Ancient Guardian
The Docks[L29]
The Harbour Bridge[L60]
Walled-off DuctsCava, Artist of Pain
The Sewers[L26]
The Toxic Conduits[L56]
Doedre's Cesspool[L56]
Neglected CellarRima, Deep Temptress
The City of Sarn[L23]
The Marketplace[L26]
The Battlefront[L27]
The Ebony Barracks[L29]
The Lunaris Concourse[L58]
The Grain Gate[L57]
The Imperial Fields[L58]
The Solaris Concourse[L58]
Arcane ChambersBeheader Ataguchu
The Lunaris Temple Level 1[L29]
The Lunaris Temple Level 2[L30]
Inner GroundsInti of the Blood Moon
The Imperial Gardens[L30]
Sealed CorridorsWiraq, the Impaler
The Sceptre of God[L32]
The Upper Sceptre of God[L33]
Restricted GalleryCh'aska, Maker of Rain
The Library[L30]
The Archives[L31]
The High Gardens[L58]
Forgotten ConduitTorrent of Fear
The Aqueduct[L33]
The Blood Aqueduct[L61]
The Refinery[L63]
Ancient CatacombCommander of Flesh
The Dried Lake[L34]
Haunted MineshaftCalxipher
The Mines Level 1[L34]
The Mines Level 2[L35]
The Crystal Veins[L36]
The Tunnel[L62]
The Quarry[L63]
Abandoned DamQuetzerxi
The Dried Lake[L34]
Desolate TrackQuetzerxi
The Ascent[L40]
The Descent[L61]
Reclaimed BarracksHuitepa the Blind
The Control Blocks[L41]
The Control Blocks[L66]
Sealed BasementGuraq, Daylight's Blade
Oriath Square[L42]
The Ruined Square[L44]
The Ravaged Square[L64]
The Canals[L66]
The Feeding Trough[L67]
Secluded CanalXuatl, Cutting Wind
Oriath Square[L42]
The Ruined Square[L44]
The Ravaged Square[L64]
The Canals[L66]
The Feeding Trough[L67]
Forbidden ArchivesExartze, the Woven Stone
The Templar Courts[L42]
Cremated ArchivesExartze, the Woven Stone
The Torched Courts[L65]
The Torched Courts[L44]
Twisted InquisitoriumAnacuacotli, Death's Worship
The Chamber of Innocence[L43]
The Desecrated Chambers[L65]
Deathly ChambersHarbinger of Disorder
The Ossuary[L44]
The Ossuary[L67]
Restricted CollectionIorphia, Dream Eater
The Reliquary[L44]
The Reliquary[L67]
Side ChapelDaluatti, Stoneraiser
The Cathedral Rooftop[L45]
The Cathedral Rooftop[L64]
Radiant PoolsPerquil the Lucky
The Mud Flats[L46]
The Karui Fortress[L46]
Clouded LedgeSimi, the Nature Touched
The Ridge[L46]
Sealed RepositoryInti of the Blood Moon
The Crypt[L51]
Flooded ComplexM'gaska, the Living Pyre
The Causeway[L54]
Forbidden ShrineShrapnelbearer
The Temple of Decay Level 1[L54]
The Temple of Decay Level 2[L55]
Evacuated QuarterCurator Miem
The Grand Promenade[L56]
Concealed CaldariumCava, Artist of Pain
The Bath House[L57]
Moonlit ChambersBeheader Ataguchu
The Lunaris Temple Level 1[L59]
The Lunaris Temple Level 2[L59]
Shifting SandsWiraq, the Impaler
The Vastiri Desert[L61]
The Oasis[L61]
Forgotten GulchCurator Miem
The Foothills[L62]
Desolate IsleWiraqucha, Ancient Guardian
The Boiling Lake[L62]
Dusty BluffQuetzerxi
The Oasis[L61]
The Apex of SacrificeVessel of the Vaal
Atziri, Queen of the Vaal
The Alluring AbyssVessel of the Vaal
Atziri, Queen of the Vaal
Vaal TempleK'aj Q'ura
K'aj Y'ara'az
K'aj A'alai

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