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Keep a Breach openSuccessfully keep a Breach open for 30 seconds or longer.
Complete these Encounters IComplete each of the following Encounters.
Use these Currency ItemsUse each of the following Currency items.
Activate these WaypointsActivate the Waypoints in each of the following areas in Normal difficulty.
Clear Vaal Side AreaFully clear a Corrupted Vaal side area.
Kill these Normal Act BossesKill each of the following Unique Bosses in Normal Difficulty.
Use these EssencesUse each of the following Essences to upgrade or reforge items.
Kill 500 Breach MonstersKill 500 Monsters that have been revealed by Breaches.
Complete these Encounters IIComplete each of the following Encounters.
Complete these Cruel QuestsComplete each of the following quests in Cruel Difficulty.
Complete these Master MissionsComplete 10 missions each for any 5 of these Forsaken Masters.
Kill these Cruel Act BossesKill each of the following Unique Bosses in Cruel Difficulty.
Currency from Vendor RecipesComplete vendor recipes to receive each of the following items. A vendor recipe is when you trade a specific pattern of items to a vendor, not when you buy items from his/her purchase screen.
Gain Splinters from MonstersGain Splinters from the following unique Breach monsters.
Kill these Vaal BossesKill each of the following Unique monsters in any Difficulty.
Open a Unique StrongboxOpen one of the following four Unique Strongboxes. Strongboxes do not need to be identified to complete the challenge. The ambushers must be defeated before it is counted as open.
Kill Rare Monsters in MercilessKill a Rare Monster of each of these types in Merciless Difficulty.
Kill these Unique MonstersKill each of the following Unique Monsters in Merciless Difficulty.
Enter a Breachlord's DomainEnter any 3 of the following Breachlords' Domains.
Kill 1000 Rare MonstersKill 1000 Rare Monsters in any Difficulty.
Identify 100 Unique ItemsIdentify any 100 Unique Items. You can trade them away afterwards.
Fully Upgrade your HideoutCreate or Upgrade to a Large-sized Hideout.
Kill these Merciless Act BossesKill each of the following Unique bosses in Merciless Difficulty.
Reach Level 90Attain character level 90. This challenge still counts even if your character dies afterwards.
Level up a Gem to 20Level up a Skill Gem or a Support Gem to level 20. You can trade it away afterwards.
Identify Breach UniquesIdentify a unique item from each type of Breach.
Achieve AscensionUse the Ascendancy Device in each of the following places.
Complete these Encounters IIIComplete each of the following Encounters.
Kill BreachlordsKill each of the following Breachlords.
Upgrade Breach Unique ItemsUpgrade to any 10 out of the following 17 Unique items.
Kill these Beyond DemonsKill any 5 of the following 6 Unique bosses.
Create these Corrupted JewelsCorrupt Jewels into any 10 of the following Unique Jewels.
Complete Unided Rare MapsComplete Rare Maps in 10 of the following 16 tiers while they are unidentified. These Maps are completed by killing their Unique Boss or Bosses if they have any.
Complete these Sextant ModsComplete Maps that have been affected by these 6 Sextant mods.
Complete Atlas Bonus ObjectivesComplete the bonus objective in 25 different maps of Tier 11 or higher. A Map is completed by killing its Unique Boss or Bosses if it has any. Maps without Unique Bosses are completed by opening specific Unique Chests.
Complete Twinned MapsComplete Maps in the following 15 tiers while they have the Twinned mod. These Maps are completed by killing their Unique Bosses.
Redeem Sets of Divination CardsTurn in Divination card sets of the following sizes to Tasuni.
Complete Map TiersComplete 10000 map tiers. Completing a tier 1 map gives 1 tier, completing a tier 2 map gives 2 tiers, and so on. Completing maps opened by Zana do not count towards this challenge.
Kill The ShaperFind The Shaper and kill him.
Complete three Endgame GrindsComplete any 3 of these encounters the specified number of times.

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