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Shaper's Orb /15

Shaper's Orb (Tier 1)Spider Forest Map
Shaper's Orb (Tier 2)Ashen Wood Map
Shaper's Orb (Tier 3)Bog Map
Shaper's Orb (Tier 4)Reef Map
Shaper's Orb (Tier 5)Colonnade Map
Shaper's Orb (Tier 6)Excavation Map
Shaper's Orb (Tier 7)Estuary Map
Shaper's Orb (Tier 8)High Gardens Map
Shaper's Orb (Tier 8)Oba's Cursed Trove
Shaper's Orb (Tier 9)Volcano Map
Shaper's Orb (Tier 9)Poorjoy's Asylum
Shaper's Orb (Tier 9)Death and Taxes
Shaper's Orb (Tier 10)Overgrown Ruin Map
Shaper's Orb (Tier 10)Vaal Temple Map
Shaper's Orb (Tier 10)The Vinktar Square

Suggestion Shaped

11Jungle Valley Map
21Oasis Map
Beach Map
31Arid Lake Map
Channel Map
41Graveyard Map
Acid Lakes Map
51Primordial Pool Map
Dunes Map
Mesa Map
61Spider Forest Map
Canyon Map
Racecourse Map
71Ashen Wood Map
Mud Geyser Map
Arachnid Tomb Map
82Shore Map
Tropical Island Map
Atoll Map
93Reef Map
Crypt Map
Coves Map
103Port Map
Underground River Map
Courtyard Map
Colonnade Map

Hold {Shift} and click a stack of items to unstack them.

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