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The Labyrinth

The LabyrinthAct 1 The Lower Prison[L8]
Act 2 The Crypt Level 1[L17]
Act 2 The Chamber of Sins Level 2[L16]
Act 3 The Crematorium[L25]
Act 3 The Catacombs[L27]
Act 3 The Imperial Gardens[L30]
The Cruel LabyrinthAct 6 The Lower Prison[L47]
Act 7 The Crypt[L51]
Act 7 The Chamber of Sins Level 2[L52]
The Merciless LabyrinthAct 8 The Bath House[L57]
Act 9 The Tunnel[L62]
Act 10 The Ossuary[L67]
The Eternal LabyrinthTrial of Piercing Truth[L75]
Trial of Swirling Fear[L75]
Trial of Crippling Grief[L75]
Trial of Burning Rage[L75]
Trial of Lingering Pain[L75]
Trial of Stinging Doubt[L75]

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