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Shrine /17

Acceleration ShrineYou are faster, and have increased Projectile Speed
increased Movement, Cast and Attack Speed
80% increased Projectile Speed
Brutal ShrineYour hits have Knockback, and increased Damage and Stun Duration
50% increased Damage
Knocks Enemies Back on Hit
30% increased Stun Duration on Enemies
Extra gore
Burning ShrineFire rains down around you
Diamond ShrineYou always deal Critical Strikes
All hits are Critical Strikes
Divine ShrineYou cannot be Damaged
Cannot be Damaged
Echoing ShrineYour skills are repeated.
echoing_shrine_cast_speed_+%_final [100]
echoing_shrine_attack_speed_+%_final [100]
Skills Repeat an additional Time
Freezing ShrineIce Novas happen around you
Hexing ShrineYour hits inflict random curses.
Impenetrable ShrineYou have increased Armour, Evasion and Energy Shield
100% increased Armour
100% increased Evasion Rating
100% increased maximum Energy Shield
Lightning ShrineShock Novas happen around you
Massive ShrineYou have increased Life, Area of Effect, and Size
30% increased Character Size
40% increased Radius of Area Skills
40% increased maximum Life
Replenishing ShrineYou are regenerating Life and Mana
10% of Mana Regenerated per second
6.7% of Life Regenerated per second
Resistance ShrineYou have additional Resistance to Elemental Damage
+50% to all Elemental Resistances
+10% to all maximum Resistances
Shrouded ShrineSmoke shrouds you
Skeletal ShrineSkeletons are summoned to you
Static ShrineLightning arcs from you
Thorned ShrineYou Reflect some Physical and Elemental Damage
physical_damage_taken_%_to_deal_to_attacker [18]
elemental_damage_taken_%_to_deal_to_attacker [18]

Monsters with the very rare "Wealth" mod drop much better items.

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