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Map /12

ÒMesa Map 10Oak the Mighty
ÎFactory Map 10Pesquin, the Mad Baron
Scriptorium Map 10Gisale, Thought Thief
|Plateau Map 10Puruna, the Challenger
Poporo, the Highest Spire
^The Twilight Temple Helial, the Day Unending
Selenia, the Endless Night
=Moon Temple Map 10Sebbert, Crescent's Point
]Overgrown Ruin Map 10Visceris
ÓArachnid Nest Map 10Spinner of False Hope
The Perandus Manor Platinia, Servant of Prospero
Auriot, Prospero's Furnace Guardian
Rhodion, Servant of Prospero
Osmea, Servant of Prospero
Pallias, Servant of Prospero
Argient, Servant of Prospero
Rheniot, Servant of Prospero
OChateau Map 10Hephaeus, The Hammer
1Relic Chambers Map 10Litanius, the Black Prayer
ËWharf Map 10Stone of the Currents