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Map /9

ImprintNameTierUpgrade MapBossTags
øCaldera Map 13Palace MapThe Infernal King
œGhetto Map 13Dig MapHephaeus, The Hammer
÷Park Map 13Palace MapSuncaller Asha
ñMalformation Map 13Dark Forest MapNightmare Manifest
ðTerrace Map 13Colosseum MapVarhesh, Shimmering Aberration
èShrine Map 13Acid Lakes MapPiety the Empyrean
Piety the Empyrean
éArsenal Map 13Colosseum MapThe Steel Soul
çDesert Spring Map 13Crimson Temple MapTerror of the Infinite Drifts
Terror of the Infinite Drifts
ûCore Map 13Plaza MapEater of Souls
Eater of Souls