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Map /9

ImprintNameTierUpgrade MapBossTags
©Crimson Temple Map 13Basilica MapThe Sanguine Siren
ûCore Map 13Plaza MapEater of Souls
Eater of Souls
Dig Map 13Carcass MapStalker of the Endless Dunes
èShrine Map 13Acid Caverns MapPiety the Empyrean
Piety the Empyrean
øCaldera Map 13Palace MapThe Infernal King
«Racecourse Map 13Terrace MapShredder of Gladiators
Crusher of Gladiators
Bringer of Blood
7Reef Map 13Lair of the Hydra MapNassar, Lion of the Seas
üColosseum Map 13Lava Lake MapAmbrius, Legion Slayer
ÿAcid Caverns Map 13Carcass MapRama, The Kinslayer
Kalria, The Fallen
Invari, The Bloodshaper
Lokan, The Deceiver
Lokan, The Deceiver
Marchak, The Betrayer
Berrots, The Breaker
Vessider, The Unrivaled
Morgrants, The Deafening