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Map /12

ImprintNameTierUpgrade MapBossTags
²The Vinktar Square Avatar of Thunder
4Courtyard Map 4Arena MapOriath's Virtue
Oriath's Vengeance
Oriath's Vigil
nBarrows Map 4Mausoleum MapBeast of the Pits
MSpider Lair Map 4Jungle Valley MapThraxia
FLighthouse Map 4Ivory Temple MapUruk Baleh
El'Abin, Bloodeater
Leli Goya, Daughter of Ash
Bin'aia, Crimson Rain
UGlacier Map 4Channel MapRek'tar, the Breaker
ÈWhakawairua Tuahu Tormented Temptress
8Strand Map 4Ancient City MapMaster of the Blade
DCrater Map 4Vaal Pyramid MapMegaera
2Marshes Map 4Fungal Hollow MapTore, Towering Ancient
XBeach Map 4Desert MapGlace
CLookout Map 4Alleyways MapThe Grey Plague