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Map /11

²The Vinktar Square Avatar of Thunder
4Courtyard Map 5Oriath's Virtue
Oriath's Vengeance
Oriath's Vigil
BThicket Map 5The Primal One
RAncient City Map 5Legius Garhall
PSulphur Vents Map 5The Gorgon
DCrater Map 5Megaera
ICage Map 5Executioner Bloodwing
2Marshes Map 5Tore, Towering Ancient
bPen Map 5Arwyn, the Houndmaster
Arwyn, the Houndmaster
Arwyn, the Houndmaster
NGraveyard Map 5Thunderskull
Steelpoint the Avenger
Champion of Frost
hGrotto Map 5Void Anomaly