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Map /13

ImprintNameTierUpgrade MapBossTags
[Mausoleum Map 6Lava Chamber MapTolman, the Exhumer
ÑFields Map 6Residence MapDrek, Apex Hunter
5Jungle Valley Map 6Coral Ruins MapQueen of the Great Tangle
oPhantasmagoria Map 6Dunes MapErythrophagia
ÆAcademy Map 6Tribunal MapThe Arbiter of Knowledge
BThicket Map 6Arachnid Nest MapThe Primal One
ËWharf Map 6Bazaar MapStone of the Currents
KAshen Wood Map 6Lava Chamber MapLord of the Ashen Arrow
ÍAtoll Map 6Ramparts MapPuruna, the Challenger
ÇMaelström of Chaos Merveil, the Reflection
Merveil, the Returned
LCemetery Map 6Bone Crypt MapErebix, Light's Bane
ÐHallowed Ground Maker of Mires
qUnderground Sea Map 6Underground River MapMerveil, the Reflection