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Corrupted Area /55

NameBossAreaEntrance Type
Strange SinkholeMother of the Hive
The Coast[L2]
The Tidal Island[L3]
The Mud Flats[L4]
The Fetid Pool[L5]
The Flooded Depths[L6]
The Ship Graveyard Cave[L12]
The Cavern of Wrath[L12]
The Cavern of Anger[L13]
The Twilight Strand[L45]
The Coast[L45]
The Tidal Island[L45]
The Karui Fortress[L46]
The Cavern of Anger[L49]
Concealed CavityThe All-seeing Eye
The Coast[L2]
The Tidal Island[L3]
The Submerged Passage[L5]
The Coast[L45]
The Tidal Island[L45]
Sunken ShinglePerquil the Lucky
The Mud Flats[L4]
The Ship Graveyard[L11]
The Mud Flats[L46]
The Beacon[L49]
The Brine King's Reef[L50]
Clouded RidgeKonu, Maker of Wind
The Ledge[L6]
[ WIP ][L6]
Forgotten OublietteConiraya, Shadow of Malice
The Lower Prison[L8]
The Upper Prison[L9]
The Lower Prison[L47]
Shavronne's Tower[L47]
Remote GulchSheaq, Maker of Floods
The Coast[L2]
The Climb[L7]
Prisoner's Gate[L10]
The Ship Graveyard[L11]
The Coast[L45]
Prisoner's Gate[L47]
The Beacon[L49]
Narrow RavineKamaq, Soilmaker
The Western Forest[L17]
The Wetlands[L19]
The Western Forest[L48]
The Wetlands[L48]
Mystical ClearingSimi, the Nature Touched
The Riverways[L15]
Covered-up HollowCintiq, the Inescapable
The Den[L15]
The Fellshrine Ruins[L16]
The Fellshrine Ruins[L51]
The Den[L53]
The Sarn Ramparts[L55]
Hidden PatchThornrunner
The Old Fields[L14]
The Crossroads[L15]
The Broken Bridge[L16]
The Broken Bridge[L50]
The Crossroads[L51]
The Ashen Fields[L53]
The Imperial Fields[L58]
Entombed AlcoveShrapnelbearer
The Crypt Level 1[L17]
The Crypt Level 2[L18]
Secret LaboratoryAtziri's Pride
The Chamber of Sins Level 1[L15]
The Chamber of Sins Level 2[L16]
The Chamber of Sins Level 1[L52]
The Chamber of Sins Level 2[L52]
Maligaro's Sanctum[L52]
Secluded CopseKutec, Vaal Fleshsmith
The Southern Forest[L13]
The Northern Forest[L21]
The Weaver's Chambers[L18]
The Dread Thicket[L21]
The Riverways[L48]
The Southern Forest[L49]
The Beacon[L49]
The Northern Forest[L53]
The Dread Thicket[L53]
Forbidden ChamberHaviri, Vaal Metalsmith
The Vaal Ruins[L20]
The Caverns[L22]
The Ancient Pyramid[L23]
The Vaal City[L54]
Quarantined QuartersThe Sunburst Queen
The Slums[L24]
Disused FurnaceCurator Miem
The Crematorium[L25]
Blind AlleyM'gaska, the Living Pyre
The Quay[L57]
The Grain Gate[L57]
Entombed ChamberOssecati, Boneshaper
The Catacombs[L27]
Sacred ChambersShadow of Vengeance
The Solaris Temple Level 1[L27]
The Solaris Temple Level 2[L28]
The Solaris Temple Level 1[L59]
The Solaris Temple Level 2[L59]
Stagnant CanalWiraqucha, Ancient Guardian
The Docks[L29]
The Harbour Bridge[L60]
Walled-off DuctsCava, Artist of Pain
The Sewers[L26]
The Toxic Conduits[L56]
Doedre's Cesspool[L56]
Neglected CellarRima, Deep Temptress
The City of Sarn[L23]
The Marketplace[L26]
The Battlefront[L27]
The Ebony Barracks[L29]
The Lunaris Concourse[L58]
The Grain Gate[L57]
The Imperial Fields[L58]
The Solaris Concourse[L58]
Arcane ChambersBeheader Ataguchu
The Lunaris Temple Level 1[L29]
The Lunaris Temple Level 2[L30]
Inner GroundsInti of the Blood Moon
The Imperial Gardens[L30]
Sealed CorridorsWiraq, the Impaler
The Sceptre of God[L32]
The Upper Sceptre of God[L33]
Restricted GalleryCh'aska, Maker of Rain
The Library[L30]
The Archives[L31]
The High Gardens[L58]
Forgotten ConduitTorrent of Fear
The Aqueduct[L33]
The Blood Aqueduct[L61]
The Refinery[L63]
Ancient CatacombCommander of Flesh
The Dried Lake[L34]
Haunted MineshaftCalxipher
The Mines Level 1[L34]
The Mines Level 2[L35]
The Crystal Veins[L36]
The Tunnel[L62]
The Quarry[L63]
Abandoned DamQuetzerxi
The Dried Lake[L34]
Desolate TrackQuetzerxi
The Ascent[L40]
The Descent[L61]
Reclaimed BarracksHuitepa the Blind
The Control Blocks[L41]
The Control Blocks[L66]
Sealed BasementGuraq, Daylight's Blade
Oriath Square[L42]
The Ruined Square[L44]
The Ravaged Square[L64]
The Canals[L66]
The Feeding Trough[L67]
Secluded CanalXuatl, Cutting Wind
Oriath Square[L42]
The Ruined Square[L44]
The Ravaged Square[L64]
The Canals[L66]
The Feeding Trough[L67]
Forbidden ArchivesExartze, the Woven Stone
The Templar Courts[L42]
Cremated ArchivesExartze, the Woven Stone
The Torched Courts[L65]
The Torched Courts[L44]
Twisted InquisitoriumAnacuacotli, Death's Worship
The Chamber of Innocence[L43]
The Desecrated Chambers[L65]
Deathly ChambersHarbinger of Disorder
The Ossuary[L44]
The Ossuary[L67]
Restricted CollectionIorphia, Dream Eater
The Reliquary[L44]
The Reliquary[L67]
Side ChapelDaluatti, Stoneraiser
The Cathedral Rooftop[L45]
The Cathedral Rooftop[L64]
Radiant PoolsPerquil the Lucky
The Mud Flats[L46]
The Karui Fortress[L46]
Clouded LedgeSimi, the Nature Touched
The Ridge[L46]
Sealed RepositoryInti of the Blood Moon
The Crypt[L51]
Flooded ComplexM'gaska, the Living Pyre
The Causeway[L54]
Forbidden ShrineShrapnelbearer
The Temple of Decay Level 1[L54]
The Temple of Decay Level 2[L55]
Evacuated QuarterCurator Miem
The Grand Promenade[L56]
Concealed CaldariumCava, Artist of Pain
The Bath House[L57]
Moonlit ChambersBeheader Ataguchu
The Lunaris Temple Level 1[L59]
The Lunaris Temple Level 2[L59]
Shifting SandsWiraq, the Impaler
The Vastiri Desert[L61]
The Oasis[L61]
Forgotten GulchCurator Miem
The Foothills[L62]
Desolate IsleWiraqucha, Ancient Guardian
The Boiling Lake[L62]
Dusty BluffQuetzerxi
The Oasis[L61]
The Apex of SacrificeVessel of the Vaal
Atziri, Queen of the Vaal
The Alluring AbyssVessel of the Vaal
Atziri, Queen of the Vaal
Vaal TempleK'aj Q'ura
K'aj Y'ara'az
K'aj A'alai

Instances reset after being empty for 8-15 minutes, destroying any connected Portals.

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