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The Endless Ledge

Crude Bow R_G_B
Driftwood Maul R_G_B
Driftwood Wand R_G_B
Twig Spirit Shield R_G_B
Splintered Tower Shield R_G_B
Driftwood Sceptre R_G_B
Driftwood Club R_G_B
Rusted Sword R_G_B
Glass Shank R_G_B
Small Mana Flask
Quicksilver Flask
Iron Hat R_G_B
Scroll of Wisdom
Scroll of Wisdom
Scroll of Wisdom
Scroll of Wisdom
Scroll of Wisdom
Ground Slam
Double Strike
Dual Strike
Raise Zombie
Ice Shot
Split Arrow
Glacial Hammer
Freezing Pulse
Viper Strike
Heavy Strike
Burning Arrow
Fire Trap
Ethereal Knives
Spectral Throw
Molten Strike
Lightning Tendrils
Frost Blades
Magma Orb
Shrapnel Shot

Hold {Alt} while viewing items in your inventory to compare them with their equipped counterpart.

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