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Support Skill Gems /113

NameRequires LevelLetter
Added Fire Damage Support8F
Faster Attacks Support18A
Greater Multiple Projectiles Support38P
Lesser Multiple Projectiles Support8l
Faster Projectiles Support31j
Added Cold Damage Support8C
Additional Accuracy Support8a
Increased Area of Effect Support38E
Added Lightning Damage Support8L
Reduced Mana Support31r
Increased Critical Strikes Support8s
Increased Critical Damage Support18c
Knockback Support8k
Life Leech Support31l
Mana Leech Support31m
Added Chaos Damage Support31H
Stun Support8t
Pierce Support5p
Trap Support8T
Melee Physical Damage Support18M
Item Quantity Support24Q
Item Rarity Support31R
Faster Casting Support18f
Concentrated Effect Support18o
Minion Damage Support8d
Increased Duration Support31D
Cold to Fire Support18x
Chance to Ignite Support8i
Minion Speed Support18e
Minion Life Support18n
Elemental Damage with Attacks Support18W
Bloodlust Support18L
Life Gain on Hit Support8h
Elemental Proliferation Support5S
Blood Magic Support31B
WIP Support1
Culling Strike Support18X
Point Blank Support18b
Iron Grip Support18i
Iron Will Support18w
Damage on Full Life Support18f
Spell Totem Support8T
Remote Mine Support8Y
Chance to Flee Support8z
Blind Support8x
Ranged Attack Totem Support8R
Fire Penetration Support31V
Cold Penetration Support31V
Lightning Penetration Support31V
Chain Support38c
Split Projectiles Support24S
Fork Support31Y
Return Projectiles Support24R
Multistrike Support383
Spell Echo Support38k
Melee Splash Support8S
Power Charge On Critical Support18P
Burning Damage Support31b
Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance Support31r
Curse On Hit Support38&
Cast On Critical Strike Support38&
Cast on Melee Kill Support38&
Multiple Traps Support8t
Empower Support38+
Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Support18e
Slower Projectiles Support31J
Less Duration Support31d
Cast on Death Support38!
Cast when Damage Taken Support38!
Cast when Stunned Support38!
Enhance Support38+
Physical Projectile Attack Damage Support18d
Enlighten Support38+
Block Chance Reduction Support18B
Generosity Support31G
Physical to Lightning Support18x
Blasphemy Support31A
Fortify Support31O
Ice Bite Support31K
Hypothermia Support31D
Innervate Support31K
Trap and Mine Damage Support18W
Poison Support31o
Void Manipulation Support8v
Controlled Destruction Support18C
Swift Affliction Support31r
Cluster Traps Support38L
Elemental Focus Support18F
Minefield Support8M
Trap Cooldown Support31R
Cast while Channelling Support38W
Vaal Soul Harvesting31
Ignite Proliferation Support38I
Chance to Bleed Support5E
Lesser Poison Support5O
Deadly Ailments Support18i
Lesser Reduced Mana Cost Support1
Decay Support38D
Efficacy Support31a
Vile Toxins Support38e
Maim Support8m
Immolate Support38m
Unbound Ailments Support8U
Brutality Support38U
Ruthless Support5u
Onslaught Support5n
Arcane Surge Support5N
Storm Barrier Support5b
Volley Support5=
Spell Cascade Support5p
Ancestral Call Support5A
Summon Phantasm on Kill Support5G
Mirage Archer Support5M

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