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Aspect of the Crab
Cooldown Time: 0.5 sec
While active, periodically adds Crab Barriers to you, and grants additional Physical Damage reduction for each Crab Barrier you have. All Crab Barriers are lost when you take physical damage from a hit.
Grants 2% additional Physical Damage Reduction per Crab Barrier
Can have up to 10 Crab Barriers

Aspect of the Crab /1

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Craiceann's Carapace Golden Plate
Requires Level: 64
Grants Level 20 Aspect of the Crab Skill
(300–350)% increased Armour
+(100–120) to maximum Life
+(25–30)% to Fire and Cold Resistances
Bleeding cannot be inflicted on you
+5 to Maximum number of Crab Barriers

「Craiceann, First of the Deep」Limited Drop
「Bestiary」League Specific
BaseTypeAspect of the Crab
Level Effect
LevelRequires LevelMana ReservedGrants 2% additional Physical Damage Reduction per Crab BarrierCan have up to 10 Crab BarriersExperience