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Commandment of Inferno
Cooldown Time: 10 sec
Critical Strike Chance: 5%
Drops a meteor from above on a nearby foe, dealing fire damage in an area around them.
Deals 3324 to 5263 Fire Damage
Can be Attached for a total Duration of 2 seconds
One impact every 0.1 seconds
Trigger this Spell on Kill
Damage cannot be Reflected
BaseType Commandment of Inferno

Commandment of Inferno Unique /1

Damage cannot be Reflected

Level Effect /1

LevelRequires LevelDeals 3324 to 5263 Fire DamageCan be Attached for a total Duration of 2 secondsOne impact every 0.1 secondsTrigger this Spell on KillExperience
1753324, 526320.1100