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Spell, Projectile, Cold
Level: 1–20
Cast Time: 0.75 sec
Mana Cost: (6–25)
Critical Strike Chance: 5%
Effectiveness of Added Damage: 160%
Requires Level 1
Fires a slow-moving projectile that pierces through enemies, dealing cold damage.
Per 1% Quality:
1% increased Cold Damage
Deals (9–972) to (13–1458) Cold Damage
Projectiles Pierce all Targets
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
BaseType Frostbolt
Class Active Skill Gems
CostScroll of Wisdom x 1
TargetTypesEnemy, Ground

Frostbolt Unique /1

Fires a slow-moving projectile spell that pierces through enemies, dealing cold damage with a chance to inflict chill and freeze.
NameShow Full Descriptions
Added Cold Damage SupportIncreases the amount of flat cold damage your Frostbolt does.
Cold Penetration SupportReduces enemy resistance to cold damage, making them take more cold damage from Frostbolt.
Hypothermia SupportProvides an increase to chill and freeze chance with Frostbolt, as well as providing more damage against chilled enemies.
Controlled Destruction SupportGrants more spell damage to Frostbolt but reduces critical strike chance. The more spell damage provided by this support allows a direct and stable increase in damage not contingent on critical strikes.
Spell Echo SupportRepeats Frostbolt an additional time while also greatly increasing the cast speed.
Faster Casting SupportIncreases the cast speed of Frost Bolt, allowing the projectiles to be cast more frequently.

Quest Reward /1

ActQuest CompleteCharacter
1Enemy at the GateTemplar

Quest Vendor /3

ActQuest CompleteNPCCharacter
1Enemy at the GateNessaWitch Templar Shadow Scion
6Fallen from GraceLilly Roth (Level 1)All Classes
3A Fixture of FateSiosa (Level 1)All Classes
Projectiles Pierce all Targets

Level Effect /40

LevelRequires LevelIntelligenceMana CostDeals 9 to 13 Cold DamageExperience
11969, 1370
2211610, 15308
3416713, 191,554
4722818, 266,667
51130925, 3826,047
616411038, 5849,725
720491152, 7895,714
824581269, 103169,595
928661390, 135283,759
10327414116, 174453,996
11368315148, 223703,128
12409116189, 2831,061,223
134410018238, 3572,065,870
144810819299, 4482,507,110
155211620373, 5605,798,936
165612521465, 69715,083,919
176013322576, 86427,792,735
186414223711, 106743,869,739
196714824832, 1248242,081,556
207015425972, 1458
2172251077, 1615
2274261192, 1789
2376261320, 1980
2478271460, 2190
2580271614, 2421
2682281784, 2676
2784281970, 2955
2886292175, 3263
2988302400, 3600
3090302648, 3972
3191302780, 4171
3292312919, 4379
3393313065, 4598
3494313218, 4827
3595313378, 5067
3696323546, 5318
3797323721, 5582
3898323905, 5858
3999334098, 6147
40100334300, 6449

helmet /1171

LevelModDrop Rate
The Merciless Labyrinth25% increased Frostbolt Damagehelmet(0.09%)
The Eternal Labyrinth40% increased Frostbolt Damagehelmet(0.09%)
The Merciless Labyrinth10% increased Frostbolt Cast Speedhelmet(0.09%)
The Eternal Labyrinth15% increased Frostbolt Cast Speedhelmet(0.09%)
The Merciless LabyrinthFrostbolt has +10% chance to Freezehelmet(0.09%)
The Eternal LabyrinthFrostbolt has +15% chance to Freezehelmet(0.09%)
The Merciless LabyrinthVortex has 30% increased Area of Effect when Cast on Frostbolthelmet(0.07%)
The Eternal LabyrinthVortex has 45% increased Area of Effect when Cast on Frostbolthelmet(0.07%)

Microtransactions /1

Black Hole Frostbolt Effect
Your Frostbolt becomes a flying black hole.

Supported By /65

  • Active Type: Spell, Projectile, SkillCanVolley, Hit, SkillCanTrap, SkillCanTotem, SkillCanMine, SpellCanRepeat, ColdSkill, Triggerable, CanRapidFire
  • Support GemActiveType
    Added Fire Damage SupportHit, Attack
    Greater Multiple Projectiles SupportProjectile, Type54, Type56, Type73
    Lesser Multiple Projectiles SupportProjectile, Type54, Type56, Type73
    Greater Volley SupportSkillCanVolley
    Faster Projectiles SupportProjectile, ProjectileDamage, Type54, Type56
    Added Cold Damage SupportAttack, Hit
    Added Lightning Damage SupportAttack, Hit
    Increased Critical Strikes SupportHit, Attack
    Increased Critical Damage SupportHit, Attack
    Knockback SupportHit, Attack
    Life Leech SupportHit, Attack
    Added Chaos Damage SupportHit, Attack
    Stun SupportHit, Attack
    Pierce SupportProjectile, Type54, Type56
    Trap SupportSkillCanTrap
    Item Rarity SupportHit, Attack, DamageOverTime
    Faster Casting SupportSpell
    Cold to Fire SupportHit, Attack
    Combustion SupportHit, Attack
    Elemental Proliferation SupportHit, Attack, CauseElementalStatus
    Culling Strike SupportHit, Attack
    Iron Will SupportHit, Type59, Type66
    Spell Totem SupportSpell, SkillCanTotem, AND
    Blastchain Mine SupportSkillCanMine
    Chance to Flee SupportAttack, Hit
    Blind SupportHit, Attack
    Fire Penetration SupportHit, Attack
    Cold Penetration SupportHit, Attack
    Lightning Penetration SupportHit, Attack
    Chain SupportChaining, Projectile, Type54, Type56
    Fork SupportProjectile, Type54, Type56
    Spell Echo SupportSpellCanRepeat
    Power Charge On Critical SupportHit, Attack
    Burning Damage SupportHit, Attack, CausesBurning
    Curse On Hit SupportAttack, Hit, AppliesCurse
    Slower Projectiles SupportProjectile, ProjectileDamage, Type54, Type56
    Cast on Death SupportSpell, Triggerable, AND
    Cast when Damage Taken SupportSpell, Triggerable, AND
    Cast when Stunned SupportSpell, Triggerable, AND
    Block Chance Reduction SupportHit, Attack
    Physical to Lightning SupportHit, Attack
    Ice Bite SupportHit, Attack
    Hypothermia SupportHit, Attack, DamageOverTime
    Innervate SupportHit, Attack
    Poison SupportHit, Attack
    Void Manipulation SupportHit, Attack, DamageOverTime
    Controlled Destruction SupportHit, Attack, Type59
    Swift Affliction SupportDuration, Type55, Hit, Attack
    Elemental Focus SupportHit, Attack, CausesBurning
    Ignite Proliferation SupportHit, Attack
    Lesser Poison SupportHit, Attack
    Deadly Ailments SupportHit, Attack
    Decay SupportHit, Attack
    Efficacy SupportHit, Attack, Type59, Duration, Type55, DamageOverTime
    Vile Toxins SupportHit, Attack
    Immolate SupportHit, Attack
    Unbound Ailments SupportHit, Attack, CauseElementalStatus
    Brutality SupportHit, Attack
    Onslaught SupportHit, Attack
    Volley SupportSkillCanVolley
    Summon Phantasm SupportAttack, Hit, CreatesMinion
    Bonechill SupportAttack, Hit, NonHitChill, ChillingArea
    Energy Leech SupportHit, Attack
    Unleash SupportCanRapidFire
    High-Impact Mine SupportSkillCanMine