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Glimpse of Eternity
Cooldown Time: 5 sec
Creates an Eternity Sphere at your location, which reduces the Action Speed of enemies within it. The amount of Action Speed reduction applied by the sphere decreases to zero over its duration.
Trigger this Spell when you're Hit
Can be Attached for a total Duration of (0.08–10) seconds
Enemies have (2–40)% reduced Action Speed
BaseType Glimpse of Eternity
TypeSpell, Area, Triggerable, Triggered, TriggeredGrantedSkill, Duration, AreaSpell, NovaSpell

Glimpse of Eternity Unique /1


Level Effect /1

LevelRequires LevelTrigger this Spell when you're HitCan be Attached for a total Duration of 10 secondsEnemies have 40% reduced Action SpeedExperience