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Spectral Shield Throw
Attack, Projectile, Physical
Level: 1–20
Cast Time: 1 sec
Mana Cost: (7–10)
Requires Level 12
Throws a spectral copy of your shield as a projectile which cannot pierce, and deals off-hand damage augmented by the defences of the shield. When it collides with something it will shatter, launching a number of smaller shards as projectiles in all directions. Modifiers that cause additional projectiles to be fired will add more shards, not more copies of the shield.
Per 1% Quality:
2% increased Projectile Speed
(18–182) to (27–272) Base Off Hand Physical Damage
2 to 3 Added Physical Damage per 15 Armour or Evasion Rating on Shield
Fires (8–13) additional Projectiles
Shard Projectiles Deal 25% less Damage
Base Off Hand Attack time is (0.6–0.7) seconds
+0.1% to Critical Strike Chance per 10 Maximum Energy Shield on Shield
Base Off Hand Critical Strike Chance is 5%
Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.
DropLevel 12
BaseType Spectral Shield Throw
Class Active Skill Gems
CostOrb of Transmutation x 1
TargetTypesEnemy, Ground

Spectral Shield Throw Unique /1

Quest Reward /1

ActQuest CompleteCharacter
2Through Sacred GroundMarauder Duelist

Quest Vendor /3

ActQuest CompleteNPCCharacter
1The Siren's CadenceNessaMarauder Templar Duelist Ranger Shadow Scion
6Fallen from GraceLilly Roth (Level 1)All Classes
3A Fixture of FateSiosa (Level 1)All Classes
2 to 3 Added Physical Damage per 15 Armour or Evasion Rating on Shield
Shard Projectiles Deal 25% less Damage
+0.1% to Critical Strike Chance per 10 Maximum Energy Shield on Shield
Base Off Hand Critical Strike Chance is 5%

Level Effect /40

LevelRequires LevelStrengthDexterityMana Cost18 to 27 Base Off Hand Physical DamageFires 8 additional ProjectilesBase Off Hand Attack time is 0.7 secondsExperience
1121420718, 2780.715,249
2151724721, 3290.741,517
3192029727, 4090.6981,983
4232435733, 4990.68147,968
5272840739, 5990.68250,557
6313145747, 70100.67405,086
7353551855, 82100.67447,718
8383855862, 93100.66615,318
9414159869, 104100.66834,639
10444363877, 116110.651,570,760
11474667886, 129110.651,633,987
12504971896, 143110.642,151,030
135352759106, 159110.642,812,189
145654799117, 175120.635,099,360
155957829129, 193120.639,400,731
166260869142, 213120.6215,273,366
176462899151, 227120.6226,286,582
186664929161, 241130.6162,890,590
1968669410171, 256130.61212,046,017
2070679710182, 272130.6
217210193, 289130.6
227410205, 307140.59
237610217, 326140.58
247810230, 345140.58
258011244, 366140.57
268211258, 387150.57
278411273, 410150.56
288611289, 434150.56
298811306, 459150.55
309011323, 485160.55
319111332, 498160.54
329212342, 512160.54
339312351, 527160.53
349412361, 541170.53
359512371, 556170.52
369612381, 571170.52
379712391, 587170.51
389813402, 603180.51
399913413, 619180.5
4010013424, 636180.5

helmet /1171

LevelModDrop Rate
The Merciless Labyrinth25% increased Spectral Shield Throw Damagehelmet(0.09%)
The Eternal Labyrinth40% increased Spectral Shield Throw Damagehelmet(0.09%)
The Merciless Labyrinth20% increased Spectral Shield Throw Projectile Speedhelmet(0.09%)
The Eternal Labyrinth30% increased Spectral Shield Throw Projectile Speedhelmet(0.09%)
The Merciless LabyrinthSpectral Shield Throw fires 3 additional Shard Projectileshelmet(0.09%)
The Eternal LabyrinthSpectral Shield Throw fires 5 additional Shard Projectileshelmet(0.09%)

Microtransactions /1

Stygian Spectral Shield Throw
Your Spectral Shield Throw becomes a Stygian Effect.

Supported By /69

  • Active Type: Attack, ProjectileAttack, Projectile, SkillCanVolley, Type71, PhysicalSkill
  • Support GemActiveType
    Added Fire Damage SupportHit, Attack
    Faster Attacks SupportAttack, Type56
    Greater Multiple Projectiles SupportProjectile, Type54, Type56, Type73
    Lesser Multiple Projectiles SupportProjectile, Type54, Type56, Type73
    Faster Projectiles SupportProjectile, ProjectileDamage, Type54, Type56
    Added Cold Damage SupportAttack, Hit
    Additional Accuracy SupportAttack, Type56
    Added Lightning Damage SupportAttack, Hit
    Increased Critical Strikes SupportHit, Attack
    Increased Critical Damage SupportHit, Attack
    Knockback SupportHit, Attack
    Life Leech SupportHit, Attack
    Mana Leech SupportAttack
    Added Chaos Damage SupportHit, Attack
    Stun SupportHit, Attack
    Pierce SupportProjectile, Type54, Type56
    Item Rarity SupportHit, Attack, DamageOverTime
    Cold to Fire SupportHit, Attack
    Combustion SupportHit, Attack
    Elemental Damage with Attacks SupportAttack, Type56
    Life Gain on Hit SupportAttack, Type56
    Elemental Proliferation SupportHit, Attack, CauseElementalStatus
    Culling Strike SupportHit, Attack
    Point Blank SupportProjectileAttack, Type56
    Iron Grip SupportProjectileAttack, Type56
    Damage on Full Life SupportAttack
    Chance to Flee SupportAttack, Hit
    Blind SupportHit, Attack
    Fire Penetration SupportHit, Attack
    Cold Penetration SupportHit, Attack
    Lightning Penetration SupportHit, Attack
    Chain SupportChaining, Projectile, Type54, Type56
    Fork SupportProjectile, Type54, Type56
    Power Charge On Critical SupportHit, Attack
    Burning Damage SupportHit, Attack, CausesBurning
    Curse On Hit SupportAttack, Hit, AppliesCurse
    Cast On Critical Strike SupportAttack
    Slower Projectiles SupportProjectile, ProjectileDamage, Type54, Type56
    Vicious Projectiles SupportProjectileAttack, Type56
    Block Chance Reduction SupportHit, Attack
    Physical to Lightning SupportHit, Attack
    Ice Bite SupportHit, Attack
    Hypothermia SupportHit, Attack, DamageOverTime
    Innervate SupportHit, Attack
    Poison SupportHit, Attack
    Void Manipulation SupportHit, Attack, DamageOverTime
    Controlled Destruction SupportHit, Attack, Type59
    Swift Affliction SupportDuration, Type55, Hit, Attack
    Elemental Focus SupportHit, Attack, CausesBurning
    Ignite Proliferation SupportHit, Attack
    Chance to Bleed SupportAttack
    Lesser Poison SupportHit, Attack
    Deadly Ailments SupportHit, Attack
    Decay SupportHit, Attack
    Efficacy SupportHit, Attack, Type59, Duration, Type55, DamageOverTime
    Vile Toxins SupportHit, Attack
    Maim SupportAttack, Maims
    Immolate SupportHit, Attack
    Unbound Ailments SupportHit, Attack, CauseElementalStatus
    Brutality SupportHit, Attack
    Onslaught SupportHit, Attack
    Summon Phantasm SupportAttack, Hit, CreatesMinion
    Withering Touch SupportAttack
    Bonechill SupportAttack, Hit, NonHitChill, ChillingArea
    Energy Leech SupportHit, Attack
    Impale SupportAttack
    Nightblade SupportAttack
    Arrow Nova SupportProjectile, Type54, OR, ProjectileAttack, Type56, OR, AND, SkillCanVolley, AND
    Barrage SupportProjectile, Type54, OR, Type73, OR, ProjectileAttack, Type56, OR, AND