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Illusionist Aura Effect
Your Aura becomes a Illusionist Effect.
DropLevel 1
BaseType Illusionist Aura Effect
Class Microtransactions
SoundAudio/Sound Effects/ItemSounds/orb_use.ogg
AppliedHaste, Vaal Haste, Purity of Elements, Vitality, Discipline, Vaal Discipline, Grace, Vaal Grace, Determination, Anger, Hatred, Wrath, Clarity, Vaal Clarity, Purity of Fire, Purity of Ice, Purity of Lightning, Blasphemy Support, Vaal Impurity of Fire, Vaal Impurity of Ice, Vaal Impurity of Lightning, Dread Banner, War Banner, Zealotry, Malevolence, Pride, Precision
CosmeticsAura Skin

Daily Specials /2

NameCostDiscontStart AtEnd At
Illusionist Aura Effect125952019-09-20T04:00:00Z2019-09-24T04:00:00Z
Illusionist Aura Effect125952019-12-27T03:00:00Z2019-12-31T03:00:00Z