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Sepulchre Map
Atlas Region: Lira Arthain
Map Level: 78
Map Tier: 0, 0, 11, 13, 15
Guild Tag Editor: Ÿ
Boss: Doedre the Defiler
Doedre the Defiler
Lives come and go. Only bones and dust remain.
Travel to this Map by using it in a personal Map Device. Maps can only be used once.


Monster Level76
BossDoedre the Defiler
Tagsdungeon, indoors_area, map, delve_chest, einharmaps, mausoleum_area
Divination CardHarmony of Souls Boss
Might is Right
No Traces
The Cacophony
The Soul

Gilded Cage's Comprehensive Guide to Maps

Clearing Ability7
Mob Count3
Boss Difficulty8
Boss Based OnAct IX Doedre
Boss notesCreates three stone monoliths that apply up to 5 stacking debuffs (Green reduces your damage, Purple makes you slower, Red makes you take increased damage). Destroying the corresponding monolith removes the debuff. Do not kill them all though as when damaged Doedre will cast an arena wide physical AoE that will quickly kill you unless you take cover behind one of the monoliths. From 75% life Doedre will transform until a familiar form where she will only fire slow Physical projectiles and use a teleport slam that deals significant damage.
Few Obstacleso
Boss not in own roomx
Sextant CoverageYYYY
LevelNameExperienceDamageAttack TimeLifeArmourEvasionEnergy ShieldResists FireResists ColdResists LightningResists Chaos
76Doedre the Defiler13698243062.41.5218984895956358218984840404025