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Map Fragments Maps


ModTypeItem LevelMaster LevelPrice


ModTypeItem LevelMaster LevelPrice
1% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area1Maps Map Fragments
2% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area2Maps Map Fragments
Monsters have Onslaught
20% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area
map_set_league_category [3]
20% increased Monster Attack Speed
20% increased Monster Cast Speed
20% increased Monster Movement Speed
22x Chaos Orb
3% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area3Maps Map Fragments
Magic Monster Packs each have a Bloodline Mod
map_set_league_category [12]
Area contains additional Magic Monsters
33x Chaos Orb
4% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area4Maps Map Fragments
Area contains 3 extra Strongboxes
map_set_league_category [7]
43x Chaos Orb
5% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area5Maps Map Fragments
20% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area
Slaying Enemies close together can attract monsters from Beyond
map_set_league_category [10]
54x Chaos Orb
6% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area6Maps Map Fragments
Areas can contain Essences
Area contains 2 additional Essences
map_set_league_category [20]
64x Chaos Orb
7% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area7Maps Map Fragments
Area contains additional Rare Monsters
Rare Monsters each have a Nemesis Mod
map_set_league_category [6]
75x Chaos Orb
8% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area8Maps Map Fragments
Area can contain Mysterious Harbingers
Area contains 3 extra Harbingers
map_set_league_category [23]
86x Chaos Orb

ModTypeItem LevelMaster LevelPrice
Fortune favours the brave

One of the options available from this device will be applied at random, including options you have not yet unlocked. This does not include options that alter the Type or Tier of your map.
43x Chaos Orb
Alternate of Same Tier (Tier 1-10)

Requires a Rare Map of Tier 10 or below. Opens a random Map of the same Tier with random Mods. Excludes the Map placed in the device.
41x Chaos Orb
Shaped (Tier 1-5)

Requires a Rare map of Tier 5 or below. Opens a version of your map that is 5 Tiers higher, with random Mods.
62x Chaos Orb
Shaped (Tier 1-10)

Requires a Rare map of Tier 10 or below. Opens a version of your map that is 5 Tiers higher, with random Mods and a chance to be Corrupted.
76x Chaos Orb
Elder (Tier 1-15)

Requres a Rare map of Tier 15 or below. Opens a version of your map that is set to Tier 16, with random Mods and a chance to be Corrupted.
815x Chaos Orb

Sell Items

SpecialPrefix: This Map's Modifiers to Quantity of Items found also apply to Rarity
30% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area
0% reduced Rarity of Items found in this Area
+20% Monster pack size
map_is_zana_map [1]
20x Cartographer's Chisel12x Chaos Orb6


There's a presence through the map device that has been causing disruptive ripples through the Atlas, and it's making it hard to isolate our bigger problems. I'm not sure who or what it is exactly, but it's dangerous. You are more combat-capable than I, so I need you to do the honours.
Not so long ago, I had a team of other exiles I was working with. Unfortunately, something has... gotten to them. They're not "right" anymore, and refuse to return. They're also too dangerous to let be, so I need you to take them out. Be careful. They're extremely hostile.
I've got an inkling there's an intriguing map where you're headed. I'd like you to head in there and find it. Once you've found it, I'd very much like to examine it, but ultimately it's finders-keepers, and you can do whatever you like with it afterward.
There's a powerful artefact sitting just through my map device that I'd like you to retrieve. I'm worried that whatever is shaping the world may be changing more than just the landscape. If all goes well, to the victor go the spoils. Hopefully, that will be you.
Something on the other side of my map device has gotten ahold of a divination card, one that radiates with enough energy that I can detect it even from here. Find that card, and bring it back!
I've picked up on an odd presence in the next area. There's a very ancient object and it appears to be... well, it appears to originate from Wraeclast. Care to do some investigating, exile?
I'm trying to enlist the help of one of our friends, but it seems one favour demands another. If you can go and help me help them, then I can in turn help you.
I've discovered an interesting anomaly through my map device. It seems to be some kind of gauntlet filled with dangerous traps. I'd like you to find out what lies at the end of it.
Strange as it sounds, I've been picking up on signs of seismic activity in the area through these portals. I'm worried it's a new manifestation of whatever is out there tampering with things. Find out what it is and put an end to it.
There's a horde of corrupted horrors out there, and they're starting to spread rapidly. I need you to cull them before they grow beyond our control.
This location is of significant importance for the neighbouring worlds. Thaumaturgically charged lodestones were once in place to provide stability in the area, but something has knocked them out of alignment. I need you to track them down and reactivate them.
There are some fiends out there whose veins brim with a strange blood that is not of this world. I need you to slay them, but be prepared for whatever spilling that blood may bring.
Before our successful little operation I hired a band of mercenaries to help me investigate what was happening to the maps out there and, well, they've gone...bad. Whatever is out there got to them, and now they are a liability. I need you to take them out before they ruin all our hard work.
While combing through some data from earlier visits I stumbled across signs of a strong entity imprisoned in crystal. Now, I don't think this is the force augmenting the Atlas, but it certainly seems to be giving off a strange energy. I want you to find out what it is, and if it needs to be killed, well, do what you do best.
I need you to hunt down a powerful fiend that has invaded this map and is running amok. I can't be positive, but I suspect this is somehow related to the greater events unfolding in these realms.
Something strange has entered the area I'm sending you to. I was ready to ignore it, but now I've started picking up on more signs... reinforcements, perhaps. This could be a harbinger of things to come, and it could work against us if we leave it be, so I need you to take care of it.
I've managed to track down a potent cache of goods that might help us. That was the easy part. Now I need you to do the hard part: fighting your way in and retrieving it. Of course, I'll let you have first pick of the rewards for your efforts.
I've found signs of a strange presence in the area I'm sending you to. It seems like a weakening of the map's borders. Something is trying to breach the barrier and break into that particular world. Investigate what's going on, and if it's dangerous, shut it down.


MasterQuestItemExperienceTotal Experience


Scavenger's Daughter96023
Dead Ribbon1600212
Dark Vessel160026
Golden Vessel160026
Pipe Kit184037
Ornate Chair320032
Dead Guardian4000312
Dead Sentinel4800312
Extraction Device560034
Gilded Cradle640041
Standing Lamp800042
Red Carpet8000412
Golden Bust1200042
Golden Statue1920047
Drawing Table1200051
Golden Bars1600055
Golden Chest2000053
Iron Maiden3200053
Temple Arch3200055
Medium Golden Statue3600056
Small Bird Cage4000053
Book Shelf2400063
Hanging Lamp5600062
Sofa Bed7200061
Pillars and Flag8000064
Golden Statue8000071
Cave Treasure88000730
Amplifier Chair12000075
Experiment Table12000075
Large Golden Statue12800076
Medium Bird Cage14000074
Golden Sparkles8000081
Bird Cage28000081
Golden Arch40000087
Large Bird Cage48000083