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Cobalt Jewel

Prefix /44

LevelNameModDrop Rate
1Cruel(14–16)% increased Physical Damage with Wands2.86%
1Wizard's(14–16)% increased Spell Damage while wielding a Staff2.86%
1Sorcerer's(14–16)% increased Spell Damage while Dual Wielding2.86%
1Battlemage's(14–16)% increased Spell Damage while holding a Shield2.86%
1Trapping(14–16)% increased Trap Damage2.86%
1Sabotage(14–16)% increased Mine Damage2.86%
1LeadershipMinions deal (14–16)% increased Damage2.86%
1Flaming(14–16)% increased Fire Damage2.29%
1Chilling(14–16)% increased Cold Damage2.29%
1Humming(14–16)% increased Lightning Damage2.86%
1Sharpened(14–16)% increased Global Physical Damage2.86%
1Chaotic(9–13)% increased Chaos Damage1.14%
1Jinxing(6–8)% increased Attack Speed with Wands2.86%
1Harmonic(4–6)% increased Attack Speed while Dual Wielding2.86%
1Resonant(3–5)% increased Cast Speed while Dual Wielding2.86%
1Charging(4–6)% increased Attack Speed while holding a Shield2.29%
1Warding(3–5)% increased Cast Speed while holding a Shield2.86%
1Wright's(3–5)% increased Cast Speed while wielding a Staff2.86%
1Honed(6–8)% increased Trap Throwing Speed1.43%
1Arming(6–8)% increased Mine Laying Speed1.43%
1Pyromantic(3–5)% increased Cast Speed with Fire Skills2.86%
1Cryomantic(3–5)% increased Cast Speed with Cold Skills2.86%
1Electromantic(3–5)% increased Cast Speed with Lightning Skills2.86%
1Vivid(5–7)% increased maximum Life2%
1Enlightened(6–8)% increased maximum Mana2.86%
1Energetic(12–15)% increased Mana Regeneration Rate2.86%
1Shimmering(6–8)% increased maximum Energy Shield2.86%
1Incinerating(14–18)% increased Critical Strike Chance with Fire Skills1.14%
1Avalanching(14–18)% increased Critical Strike Chance with Cold Skills1.14%
1Thundering(14–18)% increased Critical Strike Chance with Lightning Skills1.43%
1Infernal+(15–18)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Fire Skills1.14%
1Arctic+(15–18)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Cold Skills1.14%
1Surging+(15–18)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Lightning Skills1.43%
1Parrying1% additional Block Chance while Dual Wielding2%
1Shielding+1% Chance to Block with Shields2%
1Deflecting1% additional Chance to Block with Staves2%
1Dissipating1% additional Chance to Block Spells while Dual Wielding2%
1Thwarting1% additional Chance to Block Spells with Shields2%
1Halting1% additional Chance to Block Spells with Staves2%
1Serene(4–6)% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge2.86%
1Fevered(6–8)% increased Energy Shield Recharge Rate2.86%
1Master'sMinions have (8–12)% increased maximum Life2%
1Shaman's(12–16)% increased Totem Damage1.43%
1Carved(8–12)% increased Totem Life1.43%

Suffix /47

LevelNameModDrop Rate
1of Archery(10–12)% increased Projectile Damage2.6%
1of Mysticism(10–12)% increased Spell Damage3.25%
1of Wounding(8–10)% increased Damage2.27%
1of Entropy(10–12)% increased Damage over Time3.25%
1of Blasting(10–12)% increased Area Damage3.25%
1of Berserking(3–5)% increased Attack Speed3.25%
1of Soaring(6–8)% increased Projectile Speed1.95%
1of Enchanting(2–4)% increased Cast Speed3.25%
1of Zeal(2–4)% increased Attack and Cast Speed2.27%
1of Strength+(12–16) to Strength1.95%
1of Dexterity+(12–16) to Dexterity1.95%
1of Intelligence+(12–16) to Intelligence3.25%
1of Athletics+(8–10) to Strength and Dexterity1.62%
1of Spirit+(8–10) to Strength and Intelligence2.92%
1of Cunning+(8–10) to Dexterity and Intelligence2.92%
1of Adaption+(6–8) to all Attributes1.95%
1of Focus+(2–3) Energy Shield gained for each Enemy hit by your Attacks3.25%
1of Raiding(4–6)% increased Rarity of Items found0.97%
1of Menace(8–12)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance1.62%
1of Potency+(9–12)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier1.62%
1of Annihilation(10–14)% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells1.62%
1of the Apocalypse(10–14)% increased Critical Strike Chance with Elemental Skills0.65%
1of Unmaking+(12–15)% to Critical Strike Multiplier for Spells1.62%
1of the Elements+(12–15)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Elemental Skills0.65%
1of the Dragon+(12–15)% to Fire Resistance1.95%
1of the Beast+(12–15)% to Cold Resistance1.95%
1of Grounding+(12–15)% to Lightning Resistance3.25%
1of the Hearth+(10–12)% to Fire and Cold Resistances1.62%
1of Insulation+(10–12)% to Fire and Lightning Resistances2.92%
1of Shelter+(10–12)% to Cold and Lightning Resistances2.92%
1of Resistance+(8–10)% to all Elemental Resistances1.95%
1of Order+(7–13)% to Chaos Resistance0.65%
1of Stunning(10–14)% increased Stun Duration on Enemies1.3%
1of Recovery(10–14)% increased Stun and Block Recovery1.3%
1of Efficiency(3–5)% reduced Mana Cost of Skills3.25%
1of Fending(4–6)% chance to Knock Enemies Back on hit1.62%
1of Freezing(3–5)% chance to Freeze
(12–16)% increased Freeze Duration on Enemies
1of Shocking(3–5)% chance to Shock
(12–16)% increased Shock Duration on Enemies
1of Burning(3–5)% chance to Ignite
(6–8)% increased Ignite Duration on Enemies
1of Poisoning(3–5)% chance to Poison on Hit
(6–8)% increased Poison Duration
1of BleedingAttacks have (3–5)% chance to cause Bleeding
(12–16)% increased Bleeding Duration
1of Venom(16–20)% increased Damage with Poison1.62%
1of Haemophilia(16–20)% increased Damage with Bleeding1.62%
1of Combusting(16–20)% increased Burning Damage3.25%
1of the WallMinions have (2–4)% Chance to Block2.27%
1of ResilienceMinions have +(6–10)% to all Elemental Resistances2.27%
1of RunesTotems gain +(6–10)% to all Elemental Resistances1.62%

Vaal Orb /10

Item LevelModTag
33Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on youJewel(2.5%)
40You cannot be HinderedJewel(2.5%)
1(5–7)% increased Effect of non-Damaging Ailments on EnemiesJewel(2.5%)
1(4–5)% increased Area of EffectJewel(2.5%)
1(8–10)% increased Global Critical Strike ChanceJewel(2.5%)
1(4–5)% increased DamageJewel(2.5%)
40You cannot be MaimedJewel(2.5%)
1Minions deal (4–5)% increased DamageJewel(2.5%)
11% reduced Mana ReservedJewel(2.5%)
60You cannot be Cursed with SilenceJewel(2.5%)

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