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Torment /63

Torment1Storm Cultist's TouchExtra Lightning Damage
10% chance to Shock
+25% to Lightning Resistance
Torment1Storm Cultist's GripExtra Lightning Damage
25% chance to Shock
+40% to Lightning Resistance
Torment1Blasphemer's Touchapply_X_random_curses_on_hit [1]
Torment1Blasphemer's Gripapply_X_random_curses_on_hit [2]
You can apply an additional Curse
Curse Reflection
50% increased Effect of your Curses
Torment1Necromancer's Touchtormented_necromancer_spawn_monster_on_death_variation [1]
Torment1Necromancer's Grip
Torment1Arsonist's TouchExtra Fire Damage
10% chance to Ignite
+25% to Fire Resistance
Torment1Arsonist's GripExtra Fire Damage
25% chance to Ignite
+40% to Fire Resistance
Torment1Alchemist's TouchPoison on Hit
+15% to Chaos Resistance
Torment1Alchemist's GripChaos Damage
Poison on Hit
+30% to Chaos Resistance
Torment1Vaal Cultist's TouchGain 25% of Physical Damage as Extra Damage of a random Element
always_cause_elemental_status_ailment [1]
Torment1Vaal Cultist's Gripmonster_drop_additional_vaal_items [1]
Torment1Charlatan's Touch15% increased Global Physical Damage
Attacks cause Bleeding
Torment1Charlatan's GripAttacks cause Bleeding
Torment1Thug's TouchExtra Life
20% increased Character Size
Torment1Thug's GripExtra Life
20% increased Character Size
125% increased Area of Effect
Torment1Rogue's TouchQuick
20% reduced Character Size
Dodges Attacks
Torment1Rogue's GripQuick
20% reduced Character Size
Dodges Attacks
Dodges Attacks
Torment1Fisherman's Touch
Torment1Fisherman's Grip
Torment1Seditionist's Touchcurse_when_hit_%_silence [100]
Torment1Seditionist's Gripmonster_drop_additional_wisdom_scrolls [3–5]
monster_drop_additional_portal_scrolls [3–5]
monster_drop_additional_map_items [1]
Torment1Cutthroat's Touch23% increased Global Physical Damage
Torment1Cutthroat's Grip18% increased Global Physical Damage
Fast Attacks
Torment1Thief's Touchremoves_%_mana_on_hit [10]
Torment1Thief's GripSteal Power, Frenzy, and Endurance Charges on Hit
remove_flask_effects_on_hit_% [100]
removes_%_mana_on_hit [20]
monster_drop_additional_rings_amulets [5–10]
Torment1Spy's Touch25% Global chance to Blind Enemies on hit
Torment1Spy's Grip
Torment1Cannibal's Touch500% of Damage Leeched as Life
100% increased total Recovery per second from Life Leech
Torment1Cannibal's Grip
Torment1Martyr's Touchexplode_on_death_%_main_hand_damage_to_deal_as_fire [80–100]
base_monster_will_be_deleted_on_death [1]
Group Frenzy on Death
Torment1Martyr's GripFrenzy as Damaged
Torment1Mutilator's Touchtormented_mutilator_spawn_monster_on_death_variation [2]
Torment1Mutilator's Grip
Torment1Embezzler's Touch
Torment1Embezzler's Gripmonster_drop_additional_currency_items [6–12]
Torment1Forger's TouchSkills Repeat an additional Time
active_skill_cast_speed_+%_final [50]
50% more Attack Speed
Torment1Forger's Grip
Torment1Warlord's Touch30% reduced Physical Damage taken
Torment1Warlord's Grip40% reduced Physical Damage taken
+50% to all Elemental Resistances
Torment1Aurora Cultist's TouchYour Physical Damage can Chill
50% increased Chill Duration on Enemies
+25% to Cold Resistance
Torment1Aurora Cultist's GripExtra Cold Damage
20% chance to Freeze
+40% to Cold Resistance
Torment1Smuggler's Touchmaximum_life_%_to_add_to_maximum_energy_shield [100]
Torment1Smuggler's Grip50% increased Energy Shield Recharge Rate
90% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge
monster_drop_additional_unique_items [1]
Torment1Shavronne's Touchmaximum_life_%_to_add_to_maximum_energy_shield [50]
Chaos Damage does not bypass Energy Shield
bloodlines_beacon_on_death_variation [3]
Torment1Shavronne's Gripmaximum_life_%_to_add_to_maximum_energy_shield [100]
Chaos Damage does not bypass Energy Shield
Torment1Bootlegger's TouchPower Charges as Damaged
Torment1Bootlegger's GripGains Power Charges
Torment1Buccaneer's TouchFrenzy as Damaged
Torment1Buccaneer's GripGains Frenzy Charges
Torment1Miner's TouchFrenzy as Damaged
Torment1Miner's Grip
Torment1Miner's Grip
Torment1Miner's Grip
Torment1Miner's Grip
Torment1Miner's Grip
Talisman1Splitnewt TalismanQuick
Dodges Attacks
Dodges Attacks
Torment1Betrayer's Touchtormented_betrayer_spawn_monster_on_death_variation [13]
Torment1Betrayer's Gripmonster_drop_item_template_for_veiled_item [100]
monster_drop_item_template_for_double_veiled_item [33]
Torment1Graverobber's Touch5% Global chance to Blind Enemies on hit
Torment1Graverobber's Grip5% Global chance to Blind Enemies on hit
monster_drop_item_template_for_league_unique [100]
Torment1Heretic's Touch
Torment1Heretic's GripYour Elemental Damage can Shock
Your Physical Damage can Chill
25% chance to Shock
monster_drop_item_template_for_shaped_map [100]
monster_drop_item_template_for_elder_map [33]