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Converted to Fire Damage /29 /29

NPCMastersCrafting Bench(20–25)% of Physical Damage Converted to Fire Damage
UniquesChernobog's Pillar
UniquesThe Goddess Scorned
UniquesThe Signal Fire
UniquesRazor of the Seventh Sun
UniquesXoph's Nurture
UniquesNgamahu's Flame
UniquesXoph's Blood
UniquesEarendel's Embrace
BaseItemTypesFire Weapon
BaseItemTypesInfernal Blow
BaseItemTypesCold to Fire Support
BaseItemTypesBurning Arrow
BaseItemTypesVaal Burning Arrow
BaseItemTypesHoly Flame Totem
BaseItemTypesMolten Strike
BaseItemTypesBlast Rain
BaseItemTypesInfernal Sweep
BaseItemTypesTectonic Slam
BaseItemTypesExplosive Trap
BaseItemTypesConsecrated Path
BaseItemTypesPurifying Flame
BaseItemTypesWave of Conviction
PassiveSkillsAvatar of Fire
PassiveSkillsNgamahu, Flame's Advance
PassiveSkillsDivine Fury