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Permanent Leagues The Help Panel

Permanent Leagues The Help Panel

Standard, Hardcore and Solo Self-Found

The two primary modes for playing Path of Exile are Standard and Hardcore. In Standard, if your character dies, you respawn at a nearby checkpoint and have the opportunity to try again. At higher levels you will start to lose a portion of your experience when you die. Don't worry, you can't go down in level from dying too much. In Hardcore, however, one death means you're out. Characters that die in Hardcore are sent to Standard, along with any items they were carrying. To reach a high level in Hardcore is a big achievement -- one that even very experienced players struggle with.

Both of these modes also have a Solo Self-Found (SSF) variant. In these SSF leagues players cannot team up or trade with any other players. That means the only items they have access to are the ones they've found or made. Players in SSF leagues can opt-out at any time and join the community of players in Standard (if they were playing Standard SSF), or Hardcore (if they were playing Hardcore SSF). There is no tangible benefit to playing Hardcore or SSF -- only the prestige. So if the idea of not being able to play with others or being booted out of your league if you die doesn't appeal, don't worry. It's the same game no matter how you choose to play.

Challenge Leagues The Help Panel

Challenge Leagues The Help Panel

Challenge Leagues

Path of Exile launches new temporary challenge leagues several times a year. These temporary leagues always have some twist or new gameplay mechanic that changes how you play, and a fresh economy. Everyone starts with nothing in their stash or on their character, other than a few flasks and scrolls. These leagues usually last about three months.

Many favourite Path of Exile features started out as challenge league mechanics: strongboxes, prophecies, essences, breaches and tormented spirits, just to name a few.

Challenge leagues also come with a set of special challenges (hence the name!). If you complete enough, you can earn exclusive microtransactions and Hideout decorations that are only available from that league. When a challenge league ends, all of the items, characters, Atlas progress, Master levels, and virtually anything else you can think of, transfer to their parent leagues, the permanent Standard and Hardcore leagues. Once everything has transferred across to Standard or Hardcore, you can continue playing those characters where you left off. The start date of a new challenge league is usually announced several weeks in advance, and the first day of a new league is always very exciting, and bustling with players. The great majority of Path of Exile players play in these temporary challenge leagues. If you've never had a chance to experience it, we recommend joining us for the next one!

Complete enough challenges within a league and you can earn an exclusive Hideout decoration.
Leagues List /29 ⍟

Leagues List /29 ⍟

10.11Anarchy and Onslaught182013-06-05
21.0Domination and Nemesis182013-10-23
31.1Ambush and Invasion <Sacrifice of the Vaal>182014-03-052014-10-28
41.2Rampage and Beyond <Forsaken Masters>142014-08-202014-09-18
51.3Torment and Bloodlines152014-12-122014-12-18
62.0Warbands and Tempest <The Awakening>122015-07-102015-07-15
82.2Perandus <Ascendancy>132016-03-042016-03-16
102.4Essence <Atlas of Worlds>132016-09-022016-09-19
133.0Harbinger <The Fall of Oriath>182017-08-042017-08-08
143.1Abyss <War for the Atlas>122017-12-082017-12-12
223.9Metamorph <Conquerors of the Atlas>132019-12-142019-12-18
263.13Ritual <Echoes of the Atlas>132021-01-162021-01-21
Realm /17 ⍟

Realm /17 ⍟

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