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Defeat Blight Unique Monsters /24

Defeat each of the following Unique Blight Monsters.
NameShow Full Descriptions
Hazarat, the PropagatorHazarat, the Propagator
Ystral, Winter StalkerYstral, Winter Stalker
Ephrexis, Blight StriderEphrexis, Blight Strider
Scree, the InfectedScree, the Infected
Lathaniel, the MindlessLathaniel, the Mindless
Rattleback, Hollow MatriarchRattleback, Hollow Matriarch
Mishne, StipecrawlerMishne, Stipecrawler
Gangrel, the MangledGangrel, the Mangled
Stenly, the Rot-HeadedStenly, the Rot-Headed
Rosaria, Spore SirenRosaria, Spore Siren
Beacon of InevitabilityBeacon of Inevitability
Orolath, Slug CrusherOrolath, Slug Crusher
Sketh, Spore AmalgamationSketh, Spore Amalgamation
Arduk, Spreader of RotArduk, Spreader of Rot
Jodin Dusk, Infected AdvocateJodin Dusk, Infected Advocate
Eden, BlightspeakerEden, Blightspeaker
Banisher of the CleansedBanisher of the Cleansed
Ghroth, Sporebreath CorruptorGhroth, Sporebreath Corruptor
Axehorn, Earth FlattenerAxehorn, Earth Flattener