Atziris Gewölbe(Vaults of Atziri)

Monster Stufe75
Tagsdungeon, indoors_area, unique_map, Karten, no_tempests, no_boss, no_monster_packs, vaults_of_atziri, no_leaguestone, vaal_pyramid_area, wealthy_area
Atlas Linked'Vaal-Pyramide'-Karte[T3]
WeissagungskarteAtziris Arsenal
Die Monochromie
Der Katalysator
Die verdammten Seelen
Der Erfinder
Die Opulente
Die Königin

Gilded Cage's Comprehensive Guide to Maps

Clearing Ability5
Boss notesA map with no monsters whatsoever (although Tormented Spirits and Rogue Exiles can still spawn for some reason – who knows how they got into Atziri’s vault?). This map contains only chests with 1800-2000% increased item rarity. Simply walk around the two large rooms and loot every chest. At the centre of the second room is a chest that contains large amounts of Sacrifice Fragments and Vaal skill gems.
TilesetAncient Pyramid
Few Obstaclesx
Boss not in own roomn/a
Additional NotesOne of two maps in the game with a Large Chest. Opening one gives the 'Golden Touch' achievement.