Gold Ring

Gold Ring
Requires Level 20
(6–15)% increased Rarity of Items found
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DropLevel 20
BaseType Gold Ring
Class Rings
  • Normal: Scroll of Wisdomx3
  • Magic: Orb of Alterationx1
  • Rare: Chaos Orbx3
  • Unique: Chaos Orbx8
  • Unique /2

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    Andvarius Gold Ring
    Requires Level: 20
    +10 to Dexterity
    (50–70)% increased Rarity of Items found
    -20% to all Elemental Resistances

    「Itemlevel 71」Limited Drop
    Ventor's Gamble Gold Ring
    Requires Level: 65
    +(0–60) to maximum Life
    (-10–10)% reduced Quantity of Items found
    (-40–40)% reduced Rarity of Items found
    (-25–50)% to Fire Resistance
    (-25–50)% to Cold Resistance
    (-25–50)% to Lightning Resistance