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Monster 레벨80
Boss악몽의 출현
Tagscave, indoors_area, map, einharmaps, belly_area, vile_areas
Atlas Linked물에 잠긴 도시 지도(Sunken City Map)[T11], 정원 지도(Gardens Map)[T11], 발굴지 지도(Dig Map)[T12], 교회당 지도(Basilica Map)[T13]
Upgraded From물에 잠긴 도시 지도(Sunken City Map)[T11], 정원 지도(Gardens Map)[T11]
점술 카드서약
AtlasBase오팔 반지, 움켜쥔 장갑
Sextant꼭대기 지도(Summit Map)[T14]
바알 사원 지도(Vaal Temple Map)[T16]
교회당 지도(Basilica Map)[T13]
물에 잠긴 도시 지도(Sunken City Map)[T11]
가로수 지도(Colonnade Map)[T15]

Gilded Cage's Comprehensive Guide to Maps

Clearing Ability7
Mob Count7
Boss Difficulty8
Boss Based OnAct IV Piety
Boss notesSpawns Eyes, Physical Cleave at close range, large Ball Lightning that you should avoid. Spinning Lightning Beam deals massive Lightning damage. If it does not one-shot you it also inflicts a powerful Physical Bleed they must be instantly removed. As this fight is mechanical it is usually not too bad. However, it becomes extremely dangerous with map mods like double boss, boss attack/cast speed or multiple projectiles.
TilesetBelly of the Beast
Few Obstacleso
Boss not in own roomx
Notable DropsThe Hunger
Sextant CoverageRRRRRRR
레벨이름경험치Damage초당 공격 횟수생명력화염 저항냉기 저항번개 저항카오스 저항
80악몽의 출현12441873712.31.8244022030303015
80학살 기둥174151137.41.5341570000