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오바의 저주받은 전리품(Oba's Cursed Trove)(Oba's Cursed Trove)

Monster 레벨79
Boss충격과 공포
Tagsdungeon, indoors_area, unique_map, map, limited_tempests, no_boss, ambush_leaguestone, domination_leaguestone, perandus_leaguestone, essence_leaguestone, breach_leaguestone
Modsmap_obas_trial [1]
Atlas Linked지하 해양 지도(Underground Sea Map)[T7]
점술 카드단색화
만인과 함께하는 자
AtlasBase두 가지 색 장화
Sextant구덩이 지도(Pit Map)[T8]
지하 해양 지도(Underground Sea Map)[T7]
푸어조이의 은신처(Poorjoy's Asylum)
사원 지도(Temple Map)[T8]
도리아니의 기계실(Doryani's Machinarium)

Gilded Cage's Comprehensive Guide to Maps

Clearing Ability3
Boss Difficulty6
Boss notesIn this map it pays to be fast. After nine minutes (6 if in a group) a 10 second countdown will be initiated. Any players remaining in the map after those 10 seconds are automatically killed. The map consists of 6 rooms. Each room contain a variety of monsters that must all be killed before moving through to the next room. The monster level of each subsequent room is increased by one.
After completing the 5th room Oba states you are a mighty adventurer. At this point the clock stops and the map will no longer become deadly. Venture into the 6th room to find a small area will 5 strongboxes; 2 rare Ornate strongboxes and a unique Jeweller’s, Gemcutter’s and Arcanist’s strongbox.
TilesetSubmerged Passage, Crypt, Chamber of Sins
Few Obstaclesx
Boss not in own roomn/a
레벨이름경험치Damage초당 공격 횟수생명력화염 저항냉기 저항번개 저항카오스 저항
79충격과 공포11736453651.31.5218455730303015
79해골 야수281601953.51.61366910000
79뼈 로아2319116081.41726604000
79말라붙은 방화범19878689.51.611295040000
79서리 용사198781654.71.611665004000
79뼈 간수198781654.71.611665000400
79불에 탄 기형물165651073.91.51541640000
79감전된 기형물165651073.91.51541600400
79촉수 기형물198781804.23148000000
79산 송장 소각자165651073.91.51541675000
79말라붙은 망치 석상198781288.71.5221990000
79궁수 석상198781028.42379240000
79말라붙은 궁수198781028.42221990000
79검사 석상198781288.71.5323740000
79산 송장 광신자16565891.41.25154162020200