Act 7

Quest /11 ⍟

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11The Lord's Labyrinth
Solve all the Trials of Ascendancy to access the Lord's Labyrinth.
Solve all the Trials of Ascendancy to access the Cruel Labyrinth.
Solve all the Trials of Ascendancy to access the Merciless Labyrinth.
7The Master of a Million Faces
The god Ralakesh has possessed Greust and taken over the old Forest Encampment. Kill Greust to defeat Ralakesh.

Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points, Soul of Ralakesh
7Essence of the Artist
Talk to Sin in town about Maligaro.

Reward: Boots
7Web of Secrets
Silk has asked to you to retrieve some venom from Black Death, Maligaro's pet spider.
7The Mother of Spiders
Silk is consorting with Arakaali, an ancient Vaal goddess. Find him and save him from Arakaali.

Reward: Soul of Arakaali
7The Silver Locket
Weylam has asked you to find his Silver Locket, buried near the Broken Bridge.

Reward: Critical Utility Flasks
7Kishara's Star
Weylam has asked you to find Kishara's Star, an ancient Vaal relic that he wants to gift to his granddaughter, Lilly. Its last known location is the Causeway.

Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points, 2 Passive Respec Points
7Lighting the Way
Yeena needs seven Fireflies to burn open the entrance to Arakaali's temple. Search for them in the Dread Thicket.
7In Memory of Greust
You have found an ancient Azmeri shrine in the Northern Forest. Ask Helena about it in town.

Reward: Amulets
7Queen of Despair
Sin has asked you to kill Gruthkul, the Mother of Despair. She can be found in the Dread Thicket.

Reward: 1 Passive Skill Points, Soul of Gruthkul
7No Time like the Present
Find a way to access the Causeway that leads to the Vaal City, and meet Alva there to search for the lost Temple of Atzoatl.
7The Bridge Encampment
55 Waypoint

7The Broken Bridge

7The Crossroads
51 Waypoint

7The Fellshrine Ruins
Bundle of Woe
7The Crypt
51 Waypoint

7The Chamber of Sins Level 1
The Chamber of Sins Level 2
52 Waypoint

Plague Retch
7Maligaro's Sanctum
Maligaro, the Artist Black Death, Pain Unending Fidelitas, Loyalty Undying
7The Den
53 Waypoint
The Great White Bones The Bone Sculptor
7The Ashen Fields
53 Waypoint
Greust, Lord of the Forest Oak, Skullbreaker Alira Darktongue Kraityn, Scarbearer
7The Northern Forest
53 Waypoint
7The Dread Thicket
Gruthkul, Mother of Despair The Dreadstone
7The Causeway
54 Waypoint

7The Vaal City
54 Waypoint

7The Temple of Decay Level 1
The Temple of Decay Level 2
Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows